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    I am trying to wait til I have to get my thyroid checked to go to the doctor, but I might not be able to wait - also I have NOT started any new meds or NO change in life or foods

    New Symptoms that Started 2 Weeks Ago November 11, 2004

    ☞ Spells of vertigo – usually late morning till about 5pm, last about 1 to 2 min

    ☞ Spells of hands shaking – throughout the day, especially when writing

    ☞ Hard time holding pen or pencil in hand

    ☞ Increase in the pins and needles sensation

    ☞ Difficulty concentrating

    ☞ Spells of vision being out of focus

    ☞ Deeper, stronger pains in upper arm, wrist, thigh – shooting pains

    ☞ Morning have feeling of nervousness

    ☞ Everyday at around noon – extreme tiredness that lasts till about 5pm

    ☞ Bad days are becoming much more painful then before – sometimes pain pill does not touch the pain

    ☞ “Good” days I can still feel pain – where as before it would actually go away

    ☞ Hot Flashes, flushed face, followed with extreme sweating

    ☞ Wounds and bruises take forever to heal

    ☞ Pimples, ingrwon hairs on face

    ☞ Thirsty all the time

    ☞ Bloated belly – worse as day goes on

    ☞ More weight gain

    ☞ Hair loss
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    Make the appointment and get the thyroid checked. A bunch of symptoms on your list are symptoms of low thyroid. Some of them aren't typical, but we are all so different.

    Why are you waiting???? Get to the doctor. Joyfully