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    I have had cfs for about two years now and have made vast improvments. This maybe common knoldge but Iam convince there is something in our bodys not letting the nutrients go two our brains or something. I know this sounds nuts but Iam well enough to have been experimenting and I noticed when I feel my most tired my hair falls out, however when Iam at my best, due to magnesium, it does not. I was getting much better and the magnesium really helped but after a stressful event, even when I pupped upped the magnessium it just wasnt getting through or having the effect. Iam 21, so maybe being younger helps me recover faster, but I think Iam on to something here. write me back if you have any thoughts on this
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    I don't have much experience with magnesium but what what most of us have learned is that it is up to us to find what works for us and the Dr.'s for the most part don't know what to do.
    Your theory may be true !
    I hope you keep feeling better.
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    So glad you have experienced real improvements.

    Young people with CFS are thought to have a 80% chance of recovery completely or making a big improvement.

    I was actively involved in the CFS community in the UK for many years and I know a lot of young people did get better. Dr Cheney once wrote he believed that this may have something to do with human growth hormone levels.

    Dr Dowson in the UK did a double blind trial using magnesium injections. I used to chat to him frequently. He found some young people responded very well to this mineral. Only one downside was observed, some would go out and become too active too soon and would go downhill again. That was easily sorted by ensuring the increase in physical activity was gradual.

    If you are already doing well, there is no reason why this should not continue. Pacing, diet, supplements, and taking care of your whole self should speed things up.


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