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    I was able to find these on the web. ((( )))

    Invisible Tree, Invisible Me

    I used to be strong as a tree,
    Bending and swaying, standing tall and proud;
    Providing stability for others to lean on,
    And shade for comforting protection.
    Stretching strong branches,
    To welcome the challenges Of the changing winds;
    Growing taller and stronger
    When each new season begins.
    Now, this Tree Struggles to stand Against the
    stinging Winds of Chronic Pain.
    Winds that cut like knives,
    Whittling my branches and core Down to brittle twigs
    Of lowered self-esteem.
    Riding the never-ending cycles of pain and fear,
    Frustration and loneliness have brought me here.
    Once again trying to plant new roots,
    Trying to grow out of the depths of despair.
    Watered with tears, nurtured with perseverance,
    Trying to hold my ground.
    All the while, feeling invisible.
    For the mirror displays An unrecognizable face,
    With sick eyes and tired grace.
    A spirit shattered into pieces of lost dreams.... No one can see,
    The Invisible Tree, Invisible Me.

    Unknown Author

    Every Day

    Every day I wake up in pain
    And think I just can’t do this again.
    But everyday I get up anyway.
    Every day, every day.

    Every day when my feet hit the floor,
    I think I just can’t do this anymore.
    I know the price that I will have to pay.
    Every day, every day.

    The dogs are waiting for their morning meal.
    Today they seem to know just how I feel.
    They know we won’t be going out to play.
    Every day, every day.

    I bow my head and I begin to pray,
    Lord help me just to make it through today.
    I thank Him, He is with me all the way.
    Every day, every day.

    Every day as I head off to work,
    I hope my back will not begin to hurt.
    For pain pills just don’t take the pain away.
    Every day, every day.

    Every night I head home in a haze.
    My job was just like working in a maze.
    My husband smiles and says “how was your day”,
    Every day, every day.

    I lie to him and tell him it was fine,
    The secret pain I keep inside is mine.
    I don’t want him to feel it anyway.
    Every day, every day.

    I know that he has worries he must bear,
    This is one more he doesn’t have to share.
    He loves me, stands beside me every day,
    Every day, every day.

    And so I lie down on my bed to sleep,
    And ask the Lord my family to keep.
    Protect them as they go upon their way,
    Every day, every day.

    I close my eyes and finally I rest.
    Tomorrow there will be another test.
    But God is with me every single day,
    Every day, every day.

    Hugss to all,

    There is a place Where You are Not Alone~

    There is a place where you are not alone.
    Where walls can’t bind what seems ashattered soul.
    Here courage thrives and joy can set you free.
    Despite the pain, you’re all that you can be.
    A Healing place in which to set each goal

    The part of you that’s loveing remains whole.
    Though colours of your life may change their hue
    Windows let in the light; not just the view.
    To hear your voice.
    To make each choice your own.
    Within this place where you are not alone.

    …..Eleanora N Gambino 1988

    Hope these have struck a chord with us. Please share your own poetry too, about what it feels like to live with fibro/CFS, how you cope, the hardships you face, anything at all that you want to share with us. And yes, I have to remind you, your poem IS 'good enough' to post! :) A good poem is an honest one from the heart, that's all. (( )) You could also use a poem written by someone else if it expresses your feelings.

    And a big thank you to Greenbean! I hope you don't mind me sharing your poem again with the members here. It touched me deeply and I couldn't pass it up.
    ((((warm hugs to all)))) Thank you for answering.

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