thread on cfs articles w/ref to dr deckhoff-jones

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    hey so what happened to that thread from like 4-5 days ago or so---someone posted links to two articles and one related to dr deckhoff jones and ampligen to which she replied herself.
    I came back tonight to get the link to the chicago trib that was on there and alas, cannot find it, who was the poster again, was it elisa? curious why its deleted?? i know there was a little bit of controversy or disagreement on there, one dissenter, but there was also good info.
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    this link will take you to where deckhoff-jones blogs. the second post there was wrtitten on Saturday, July 10, 2010--
    End of 4th month of antiretroviral Rx for X infection
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    Perhaps this is the link your look for?

    Push and Pull Over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Study that linked chronic fatigue syndrome to a retrovirus draws doubts

    July 27, 2010,0,7949409.story?page=1
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    thanks quanked, i googled around too and found that, I am really digging that doc

    i am still curious though too what happened to tht thread here, it had links to 2 dif cfs articles....
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    I guess the poster deleted it...