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  1. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    this may sound dumb but I am fairly new to the message board but I have no idea what the "threads" are that are mentioned.Can someone please explain .
  2. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    you just started a "thread" by posting that question. Now I have added a "post" to your "thread". You don't sound dumb. It's a good question.

    Oh- WELCOME!
  3. jaltair

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    "Threads" are the discussions on a topic that is posted on a message board. For example, your thread would be "threads." My post to you continues the thread on "threads."

    Think of a thread as being a strand of messages on one posted topic, and that all the messages / discussions are connected through a single post with responses to that post.

    Hope that this helps.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
  4. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    thank you very much for answering my question and not making me feel dumb:)