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  1. nickname

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    ........has anyone tried this for candida? Any good??

    With thanks and best wishes
  2. tansy

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    on the candida message board about three lac. As usual it didn't help everyone but those it did were very impressed with it. The makers claim you do not need to restrict your diet so much, though I'm not sure I would risk it.

    Might be worth checking the candida board out whilst waiting for replies.


  3. nickname

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    .......thanks Tansy for that - looked the other board up - always forget about those - have ordered some today, along with cellfood, finally - hope it will make the threelac more effective Found a UK source, but so expensive.

    With very best wishes
  4. tansy

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    approach for you.

    The costs for all of us in the UK are too high. Keep your MP and MEPs informed on this because it's relevant to the OTC supps threat and PRISM's influence over ME/CFS policies in the UK.

    None of us should have to pay for so many of our treatments, our GPs and NHS Consultants are having their hands tied as well by the emphasis upon cost and evidence based medicine - PRISMs involved in this too!

    Hope this new combination works well, increasing the oxygen in the cells whilst taking an anticandida agent makes a lot of sense.

    Have you been using Paul Cheney's recommended breathing exercise too?

    Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes.

    Love Tansy

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  5. nickname

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    Thanks for your post. I have been doing Cheney's breathing, and I have to say, it does keep the lungs going, if nothing else. Don't always do it for the set time, but just a few breaths is better than none. Do by the open window - our air is pretty good round here and we back onto woodland, so trees more than helpful. Hope to get the goodies soon so that I can start.

    with best wishes