throat hurts all the time

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    i have fms...aside from the constant body aches, my throat is always sore..but its always the right side...and my nose is always dry and it sometimes hurts to breath through one literally hurts to swallow. anyone else with this problem? also...i am always eating throat drops for relief and i am worried about damage on my teeth seeing how i already am prone to cavities. thanks..
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    My ENT taught me that the sinuses change sides every 20-30 minutes. When it cleans itself, it drains into the throat. This can produce irritation.

    If the mucus is yellow or green, bacterial infections are suspect. Clear mucus is probably allergies.

    I've had good success with rinsing out my sinuses with:
    Grapefruit seed extract (GSE). 5 drops of GSE to filtered water inside a used atomizer bottle.
    Colloidal silver in a atomizer.
    Snuff salt water.
    Breath in isopropyl alcohol. Ethanol (grain alcohol) is safer yet, the liquor store carry "everclear" that's basically 200 proof!

    B6 deficiency can cause dry eyes, tears drain into a tear duct and runs into the throat. Tears use lysomes to lyse (rip apart) bacteria & viruses.

    Shine a flashlight into your mouth and say AH. Swollen tonsils point to an inflamed lymph system.

    Dairy allergies tend to produce mucus in the sinuses.

    If using antibiotics, always use probiotics to replace the healthy bacteria in the gut (colon). These produce systemic enzymes that boost the immune system.
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    i actually laughed out loud when i read your post. because just as i was reading it, i opened my second pacl of lozegers for the day.
    actually beig serious now, it is so distracting having this sore throat constantly. im sure you know that.
    i am a dental nurse as well so i am very concerned about the teeth issue. all i can recommend is brush and floss as much as possible. my throat is sore on the left side and i feel like im swallowing razor blades at times. but heres the good news......i had it full on for about 3 months and now its only there for a few days and goes away for a few days so i think the cycle is breaking......where you from dreamer?... im from australia....take care