throat infections all the time - unable to speak

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    i seem to have throat infections all the time, that are so bad i end up unable to talk for weeks, my immune system is shut completely down, then i can not get out of bed for a long time. then brain fog sets in and i can not remember the beginning of the whole think and where and how it started, barely remembering going to the doctor, or who i spoke to, or what i did, can not even lift my arms to wash my hair, my head is all mixed up nothing makes any sence during this time. it all scares me terribly, and when i do finally come out of it, it feels like i have just come out of a toronado, coming out saying, now what just happened here. anyone understand this
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    Glad you were able to find this board. You will find lots of info and support here. I can't say that I have had to deal with what you have. But we have some here that have been bedridden at one time and now have improved. Hopefully, you will hear from others with some advise.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. -Karen

    EZBRUZR New Member

    There are many resources and great people here. I hope you find some good answers.
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    Hi Sharon,

    Welcome to the board, - this disease really stinks!
    After successfully treating my daughter through this, I have some well proven suggestions for you:-

    Drink up to 2 ltrs of water a day.

    Add a pinch of pure Sea/Rock salt to every glass. (No taste) & food too.

    Have 1 tbspn of Flaxseed Oil twice daily, - chase down with milk.

    Cytolog & Cellfood concentrate. Tap these into searchbox at the top for info.

    And get a product by Higher Nature which has Echinacea & Black Elderberry on the front label - and also lists Olive Leaf Extract & Myrrh on the back. 3 a day. (Dynamite stuff for throat/ear/chest infections & boosting the immune system).
    The throat problem will be eliminated after 3 days.

    If you take these I guarentee you will start to feel better within a month.
    I know you`re thinking "I can`t do that" with the water & salt thing, but deficiency of these these alone cause humungus problems.

    Love Pat.

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    Dear Sharon,

    That sounds terrible... Although I have a lot of problems with recurrent throat infections (particularly streptococcus millieri), I haven't been reduced to feeling so low.

    I am considering getting my tonsils and adenoids removed, but there are risks involved with this due to other aspects of my general health - or lack of it :)

    I do try to gargle with warm water and salt (1pint of water to a teaspoon of salt). I know it's an old wives tale, but it seems to help prevent it worsening once it's started.

    My throat often seems to be the first thing to go and can often be a warning of worse things to come. I feel that it is often brought on by stress (and the associated packing in of my immune system), it goes without syaing that avoiding stress would be a smart plan, but easier sais than done!

    Wishing you all the luck in the world getting rid of this. If you find any wonder remedies then keep us posted.

    Many hugs.
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    I have literally had mono with a extremely sore throat and layngitis from April til just recently-I started taking this stuff called the GREEN ZONE and within 3 days-voice back-oh am I happy, plus I already feel more energeti c.. But my blood work still shows mono hasn't went into healing stage yet. I agree with Pat Palmer who posted what would help. I already do the water, the flaxseed oil, but this green stuff I mix with water worked like magic! I was so skeptical too, but my friend said just to try it so I did and now I ordered it thru the web-3 cans! Can't hurt to try! I wish you the best.
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    do you know why we it seems to hit the throat firts, i usually know something is coming soon by a weakness and a horse voice. it usally is an infection or viris. or strep but it lasts a long time, then everything sets in, i acually feel myself going a little nuts. i am then lost trying to find my words. fibro fog sets in big time. the pain in my body is really bad. feels like a severe bone flu. all of lasts about 2 weeks. except for the weekness. i can to anything i become so wek. this is all knew to me i was just dignosed last year. it has changed my whole life, and whole way of thinking. what about you?
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    after taking anti biotics then getting it back i decided to try something old fashioned & called my sister. She told me to clean out my ears with peroxide. Yep... I know. But, she said pour a cap full in & leave it in about 10 min before draining then do the other ear. Then brush my teeth & tounge, floss & brush again then gargle 1/2 glass of water with a capful of peroxide. Haven't had trouble in about four days now. Hope it helps for you too,