~ Through Eyes of Faith ~

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    ~ Through Eyes of Faith ~

    I have not touch'd the Savior's hand
    Or look'd upon His face.
    But, I have felt His glorious power,
    His great and loving grace.

    Those nail scars I have ne'er seen,
    Or view'd His wounded side;
    But, found, in Him, a hiding place
    This world cannot provide.

    I have not seen the royal blood
    He shed upon Calvary.
    But, I am cleans'd from sins dark stain.
    He purchas'd this for me.

    Those cruel stripes, I have not glimps'd
    Laid upon His earthly frame.
    But, peace and healing flood my soul
    As I whisper Jesus' name.

    I wasn't there when He arose
    Triumphant o'er the grave.
    But, blessed hope stirs within my breast
    And faith, like banners, wave.

    I know not when He will return;
    If morning, night, or noon.
    But, this prayer stays upon my lips,
    "Oh, Come, Lord Jesus, soon!"

    © by Mary Carter Mizrany