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    Have any of you had Thrush? The Dr. tested me for all sorts of things that might be suppressing my immune system. I had Thrush really bad in my mouth and in my throat. Lymph nodes swollen and sore. Is this part of it?

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    i do know that it is caused by Candida albicans.i think it is one of those things that lives in us and sumthin causes it to get mean. hope that helps! peace,ez
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    I had thrush as a complication of flu/bronchitis/laryngitis in late 1997. My understanding at the time was that it was a response to a depressed immune system. 18 months later I collapsed (literally) with what was diagnosed at the time as hypoglycemia. I went on a strict Zone (glycemic index) diet, but weakness & fatigue never abated. 12 months later I found a Dr who told me I had a systemic fungus/Candida infection - basically, I never lost the thrush, it just migrated to my intestinal tract. My understanding is that CFIDS affects the immune system, making the development of thrush and/or an overgrowth of Candida in the bowel fairly common. I had good results from the treatment, and regained about 90-95% of original health for awhile. Unfortunately, this Dr never diagnosed CFIDS, so I pushed and pushed myself, and relapsed a few months ago, following a bout w/ a nasty virus. So anyway, yes, I do think it could be part of all this. I think that, for me, it was the inital trigger.

    Good luck!
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    Yes, I've had it. It was after my hysterectomy. Lousy stuff and when my husband went to get the perscription for it, the pharmacist told him that mostly cancer patients had it. Scared us silly for no reason. It was just the high doses of antibotics that I'd received. I remember everything tasting so salty and then seeing my furry mouth. YUCK!
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    If you have an overgrowth of candida, then thrush is usually present. Many of us who have compromised immune systems or those who have taken many antibiotics have had to deal with this proliferation of normally-occuring flora. To control this affliction naturally, remove all molds (mushrooms, cheese, deli meats), fermented products (olives, pickles, vinegar, beer and wine, buttermilk, mayonnaise, soy sauce), and greatly reduce the carbs and sugars that feed the candida (yeast). You can also take grapefruit seed extract, which I find works quite well. If it is persistent after these measures, you may have to go to prescription meds to get rid of it. Hope this works for you.
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    I get thrush at least every other month, along with yeast infections, internal, and external. My doc says it is a part of the fm. She prescribes me the same meds the give babies for thrush. You just rinse your mouth with it two or three times a day, that usually gets rid of it.
    Talk to your doc about it.