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    Hi Truth,
    I've decided to go on the zoloft. You sound very positive on it. You know that anxiety you mentioned, I've got it good. Good enough that I am so reluctant to take this drug from fear of the unknown. Can you help me out please and tell what your experience was like and how it went. How long it took till you saw results, what dosage you started on. Did you loose your appitite or loose any weight on it?
    Did it help your symptons?

    You talk about challenging your fears, any suggestions as to how to do that? I have two, drugs and bee's. I never liked bee's and would move out of the way. Then my daughter got stung last year and called me up, she was having a bad local reaction, I very calmly told her to take benadryl and then fell apart. My fear began. I drove into the dentist parking lot last fall and a bee ( a big one and angry looking) came on the windshield and was honestly trying to find a way in. I was suffocating in fear. I ending up leaving and coming back and then when the coast was clear I ran for my life. Bee season is about to open up. I think I was stung as a kid, but not sense. I am 46. After that I stopped sitting outside at night just for the fear of them.

    Any advice would be so welcomed!! I am desperate and I need to stop living like this.
    Thanks so much!
    Love, Deb
    Hope your doing well!
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    I've taken a lot of different antidepressants over the years. Been in treatment for depression for a long time due to a lot of major losses that happened over a fairly short period of time.....major unwanted changes in my life.
    I think that antidepressants can effect everyone differently. There's no way to predict if you will have side effects, or which ones you might get.
    I couldn't take Zoloft because it made me too naseous, but I am taking Paxil, which I think is a very similar drug, and have no side effects. These are both newer medications than the ones that I was taking years ago. They are supposes to work better, and have fewer side effects.
    It may not work for some days or weeks.
    Keep in touch with peole here, or your doctor if you have problems. Good Luck!
    I became allergic to bee stings as an adult, and have a fear of them now...Those yellowjackets can get pretty nasty.
    I run for the hills also.
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    I've always been afraid of bees. My husband thinks I'm nuts. I hide in another room if one comes in the house and I won't come out till he kills it. About zoloft. I've taken it since 1994. It helps me alot. I have no side affects from it. I went off it for a couple of months a few years ago and my husband could definitely see a difference. I was bitchy about everything and was really nervous. It helps some with CFS. Helps when I get anxious. The doctor told me that I could take it for the rest of my life and it wouldn't hurt me. That was only one doctor saying that so I wouldn't take that as gospel. It's worth a try though.
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    Can't help with the Zoloft, only take Xanax, and that only in the evening for my racing brain!

    I do have a phobia though, and I solved it with a 4-10 shotgun! I am afraid of snakes, and living in Louisiana deep in the swamp area, they are more than plentyful!

    I learn to shoot the darn gun and kill the creatures. I will get that creepy crawly feeling just seeing them in a book on the tv.
    But I wanted to live in the country, and I don't want these five acres cleared, soooooooooo, I have to deal with this phobia often in the summer time.

    I could never get over the fear, but I will kill them in a New York minute!

    As for bees I have been stung so many times in my life that I can't even count them!
    I grow herbs, and I live on five acres of land, only one acre is cleared, thats where the house is, I wanted to leave the land as natural as I could, I even have deer and coyote living in the woods here, along with a lot of other wildife, I feed the wild birds, squirrels, rabbits and anything else that passes through, so you can imagine how often the snakes are around.

    Right now the bees are coming out. When I hose my patio they are all over it for the water. NO problem, except my husband is allergic to the Honey bee and has to go to the hospital if he is stung.

    I was bit by a spider last September it took me almost two months to get back to normal, I was bit more than twenty times on my arm and hand.

    It was not a 'local' one, I bought a plant from Asia and thats how it must have got to me. My fingers were numb till January this year from it. I was very sick, fever, and you name it!
    But I don't have a phobia with spiders even though this happened to me. But I am more careful with new plants from other countries these days!
    It was Acesnanna that helped me cure the bits, she told me to use Apple Cider Vinegar on them, I lived with the vinegar by my bed, keep a glove on the hand soaked in the vinegar. I smelled like a toss salad for all that time!

    I don't know what to tell you about the bees, I doubt if anything could help me get over my fear of snakes. I just tremble, sweat and you name it when I see one.

    BUT I did learn to kill them, even though I would just like to go and cover my head and hid till it goes away!!! BUT, I can't do that, so I do what I need to do, kill it and then go to bed and shake!!

    Let me know if you find a way to get over the phobia, I would love to be able not to get crazy when I see snakes!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    thank you for your kind words. I am glad to see I am not alone. Shirl, I looked at your picture, your so pretty. I can't see you with a gun in your hands aimed at a snake!! I am a redhead to. I have 10 acres, and it is as god planned it. My hubby dosen't wan't to clear any of it either. I am sure you have more cleared than I do. I don't even have grass, cause he dosen't wan't to have to buy a lawnmower or have to use it!! My fear with the bee's, what happens if I get stung? I know it is unrealistic that something bad will happen. So maybe I will attempt to be more brave this year so it dosen't cripple me with the fear. And maybe the zoloft will help with that. Your all so special, thanks so much. Love, Deb
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    Hi!! I hear zoloft is a good drug-I think you have to try it awhile, before you know. Most of these will make you tired/sleepy for awhile. I have been on Xanax for several years, works quite well for me, but I know it is addictive. That is OK, as I am not going to become pregnant anymore-I am in Menopause and my husband has had a vas, There are several others on the market-newer ones. Whatever works,but get something. I started on Xanax for anxiety, and phobias. I too hate bees and wasps. I have been stung and bitten by a wasp. Ihad a pretty bad reaction. I finally went to the hospital and got a shot. This has been several years ago, but the fear stays. I do carry a bee sting kit with me all the time-never used it, but thinkIi could if I had to. One thing we keep out on the deck, is a windex type bottle fillled with water and dish soap-plenty of soap.
    Shake and spray at a wasp or bee. It suffocates their wings and they fall to the ground. You can literally step on them(not barefoot) or swat with something. Gives you some power!! Bless you-don't suffer with anxiety,etc. when it isn't necessary. God knows we suffer with enough. Mastersinger
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    Well, here is my experience with the Zoloft. I didn't gain any weight for this is not a side affect of this drug. My friend lost weight because it brought her out of her depression and she wasn't overeating as much.

    I too was determined NEVER to go on medicine due to my beliefs religiously and in general. However, after doing all the right things (regular exercise, prayer, positive thoughts,ect)I was still struggling so and it was affecting all facets of my life. Not a good thing when you are a wife and mother.

    So, I started taking the Zoloft starter packet in which you take 25 mg for a week or so then move up to 50 mg. I stayed there for about 7 months and now recently increased it to 75mg.

    When you start taking it you may feel energetic, wired even, but not in a stressed way. You also may feel a bit buzzed or high for a lack of better terms. This does disappate as you body starts to adjust to the drug. Maybe a week or two to feel "normal".

    As I mentioned, you need to work with your medication. Workout at least 3 times per week at your own pace and doing something you enjoy. Find activities that are less stressful and take time to rest everyday. Even if it is short sessions of ten minutes after lunch and 20 minutes after dinner. Cut down on wrong foods and caffiene. You get the idea - simplify you life.

    The one HUGE difference that Zoloft made is that I was ABLE to calm down, yet still be myself. Since I have mellowed (not in a zombi way)I am able to talk myself through what I previously was challenged by. I still catch myself,but I ask myself questions concerning the stressful situation. Listen to the negatives you are telling yourself- are they true?

    For example...

    When overwhelmed by housework, project....What if it doesn't get done TODAY?...How else can I do this, maybe 10 minutes everyday till it is done?... Can the kids or DH help?...Do you actually think the people from HGTV will be stopping by to photograph your home..LOL!...

    If I am late, what will happen?...Nothing usually, right?...Maybe I can plan to have things ready the night before to cut stress....and so on..

    In other words think through you scenario and try to look at the big picture. We now have to put our health first and realize we can't and don't need to be perfect to be fulfilled. if I can just remember that next time my perfection tries to creep in...LOL!

    As far as the bees may be some thoughts...okay, you see a bee...Is he TRULY out to get YOU?...after all he will perish after stinging you, right?...So, what is the worst that can happen?....You don't have allergies to bees, right?...Even if you would get stung and have a reaction you could be prepeared and have Benedryl on hand....Your daughter could wear a necklace or bracelet if you are fearful for her....I have found that familiarizing myself with something I don't like helps me to overcome my fears...get some children's science type book at the library and ready about bees and their habits may help....learning what not to do to provoke them...and finally forcing yourself to watch them maybe from inside at first then outside a few feet away. You CAN do this...look how big you are and how little they you can arm yourself with some sort of bee spray for your car? - watch though the toxity of it may make you get ill with your FM/CFS.

    Take care Deb! Thanks for the well wishes!

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    Thank you for some great advice!! I got brave today and swallowed advil(first time in 15 months) and took my antibiotic for a abcessed tooth turned into sinus infection. Went to God first, asked him to calm my fears, and I took it. You know what I survived!!!!!! Can't take the zoloft while I take this antibiotic, but will as soon as I am done! I like the idea about the bee's and bottle of soapy water!! I came near a few today, my first instinct said run, and I did. But I didn't let it stop me from being outside. Thanks so much!!!! Love, Deb
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    Hey girl..I saw your post and I too have these phobias that are unreal!! All things that sting, fly and have feet that can chase you... I run. I stay inside too and quit laying in the sun becz the bees and wasps love the water and suntan oil smell. I use Off spray and go with it. I also do stay inside though. The zoloft made me feel weird but.... see... remember, I have a chemical reaction to all meds!! Except tylenol and codeine. I am thankful for at least one thing I can take oh and the birth control pill...I can handle that too. My hubby says if you just ignore the bees they wont bother you. Personally I dont take his advice...I always run fast and hard. But after my wreck..HA!! HA!! I cant run very well. So there again I just stay inside most of the time. We also kill off the wasp nests around the house. Well im stressed and hurt today...gotta go eat dinner but I will check back with you later. If you want read my post about the attorney. Love and Hugs...Been thinkin about you this was really busy and did not get home til late...had no energy to even post....(((((0))))))Pammy
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    I've missed you this week. So glad to know I am not the only one with fears!!! I have had a bad tooth that went into a sinus infection. Feel like I have two heads. I finally got brave and took advil aand antibiotics today!!!!Should of done it sooner. I read your post, I didn't answer it yet, cause I was thinking about it. I think your absolutely right in doing something, and the first one that answered your post is right on. You go for it, enough is enough. Not to mention that you'll probably get fired before August comes. There so catty and your boss is a real jerk!!!!!!When you get unstressed enough, email me. I lost your address when my harddrive crashed last weekend.
    Hope you can relax soon, tis a rotten way to have to live, and you don't deserve having more pain and discomfort due to those ------------------people you work with. Talk later, Love, Deb
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    I am glad you are taking care of yourself by taking your medicine. Far worse things can happen from an absessed tooth if you don't take care of it. So, well done!

    Yes, I too turn to prayer to help me get through...but I wasn't sure how it would be recieved, so I mentioned it not.

    Peace, strength, & hope.......truth
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    Day two was much easier than day one. So glad I have you and other's to suppoet me. Go to the dentist on Monday, now that is real anxiety!!!
    Love, Deb
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    I saw your question, "What do I do about the bee stings?"
    I don't know if anyone answered it. Sorry.......too much reading for me.
    My doctor prescribed a bee sting kit for me. It included an injectable medication and some benadryl tablets. It counteracts the bee sting.
    If you get stung, and you are allegic, you should go to an Emergency Room quickly, and they will give you the injection.