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  1. tcpolchies

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    I found this article online just now. HAHAHAHAHA!

    (This was posted to the newsgroup in April 1996)

    NOT SERIOUSLY RECOMMENDED. Hanna Jones went to see Doc Smith, her internist. The receptionist asked the nature of the visit and she stated it was Myofascial Pain Syndrome. The receptionist took her blood pressure and got her ready for the doc.

    Ten minutes later Dr. Smith entered the room. "Hello Hanna, what are we seeing you for today?" Hanna replied, "Myofascial Pain Syndrome." Dr. Smith looked up from his chart and said, "That's a waste-basket diagnosis. I don't believe it exists."

    Hanna motioned for him to come toward her. She said, "Put your right thumb and first finger on this wad of muscle at the outside of my left forearm (a brachioradialis muscle), and gently squeeze it." He was facing her, and as he did so, she drew back her right fist and socked him across the mouth as hard as she could.

    Dr. Smith went reeling out of the exam roon door into the nurses arms. The nurse said, "So what does she have?" Dr.Smith said, "Myofascial Pain Syndrome." The nurse replied, " I thought you don't believe in that diagnosis." Dr. Smith said, holding his lip,"I've never had it explained to me that way before."


  2. tcpolchies

    tcpolchies New Member

  3. tcpolchies

    tcpolchies New Member

  4. victoria

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    you really did that? LOL! - he must've been a nice guy if he didn't fire you as a pt!

    Hmmm, never realized it could be so scary to be a doctor before these stories! Altho if it had been me in the first story, I'd have used my left fist and claimed it was a reflex...

  5. Jordane

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    Good for you Ouch, I dont think I would have the nerve to do it.

    There were times,especially when they press a really painfull spot and asks if it hurts.LOL.

    Thanks Tcpolchies,that was funny!!

    Take Care ALL!!
  6. starmom

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    I was overdue with my first child. the doc kept telling me that I didn't know when I conceived. finally, 2 1/2 weeks overdue, I told the man to induce labor or I was going to pull his lungs out through his nose.

    He started to laugh, then saw my getting up and my hubby grabbing my shoulders to hold me back!! I was induced 2 days later to have a beautiful, OBVIOUSLY overdue, child. I was 43 1/2 weeks pregnant.

    The doc never quite new what to do with me after that. I have NEVER been totally rational at the end of a pregnancy! LOL!

  7. libra55

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    My first baby 36 hours labor. I BIT the doctor hard on the arm.

    Went and apologized later on. Never quite got over the embarrassment. He said it happens all the time.

    She just turned 18 last week. How time flies....that was my life nearly 20 years ago.


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