Thumb Problems Any Help?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lassiecass, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. lassiecass

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have developed a really strange problem. I can't figure out if I injured the thumb or it is part of this DD. It really hurts to use it to lift or write or open bottles etc. I get really bad electric shocks if I bump it on anything and it is starting to move up the arm. I have carpel tunnel and tennis elbow. Could this just be another symptom of fibro or have I really injured it somehow? I am so sick of going to the doc that I only go if I am really sick so any suggestions would be appreciated. I was thinking of immobilizing it with one of those metal sticks for awhile. Have a great day.
  2. lassiecass

    lassiecass New Member

    Thanks Nink,
    I didn't think anyone would respond. It is feeling some better tonight after using the metal stick thing and tape. If I put any pressure on the bone at the base of the thumb I go into orbit. Maybe just a bad bruise, it is getting so hard to figure out real injury or just weird fibro symptoms. Anyway thank you for at least sending me a small note.
    Fibro Hugs
  3. healing

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    I have this problem. I do not have carpal tunnel or tennis elbow, but I do have reactive arthritis in the joints in my hands. FMS can also cause joint problems in the hands.
    The base of the thumbs is a particularly acutely painful joint when it is inflamed, and you have my sympathy, Sandy. Try this: go to the discount store and get yourself a spa-type paraffin machine, then dip and wrap your hands regularly. This provides long-lasting moist heat treatments that also have the benefit of making your hands beautifully soft.

    Of course, you can get something similar with hot water or moist towel packs. But I find the psychological effect of doing something that feels so good and so luxurious makes it worthwhile. Paraffin baths are not all that expensive, either.
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    Lassiecass, I also had lots of pain in my thumbs. I had carpel tunnel operation on my left hand Dec.17. The pain is already much better. I will have surgery on my right hand March 18. The surgery isn't near as bad as the pain. I figure the less I have to put up with the more I can handle arthritis and FM. There is a test, EMG I think, that can measure nerve waves to your hand. Thats how I found I needed the operation badly. Good Luck! Barbarann
  5. lassiecass

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    Dear Healing,
    Sorry to hear you have this problem too. It really is painful cause you use your thumb so often and I am right handed and of course it is the right one. I will try the parrafin treatment as soon as I can, it sounds wonderfully soothing. Thanks for the tip, I hope your thumbs are not giving you fits at this time.
    Thanks again,
  6. lassiecass

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    Dear Barbarann,
    I didn't realize that a test was available for the carpel. I will have to ask the Doc about it and see if I can get one. It is so nice to hear that your surgery was successful, I hope the other one is too. Let me know, I am always interested in ways to relive these problems. This pain has been really hard to harness with Ibuprofen. Have a great night and thanks for responding.
  7. clueless

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    I was astounded to see a note about this problem. I had my thumb stuck in a bowling ball ( no, kidding, it happens ) I almost went down the alley wih the ball. I put a plastic support on it at that time (which I can not find now ) it healed and I forgot all about it but this disease has brought it to the forefront again. It snaps down at the first joint and will not come up without help. Very, very painful.It is sore at the base of my thumb also. I am finding the problem to some extent in all of my fingers and do believe with me it is osteoarthritus. I have to wear a support to bed as one night it bent down, woke me up and I had a hard time getting it back up in position. It seems any old injury is intensified with this disease. The hot paraffin sounds wonderful.I am going to try it and see if it will help the thumb joint. I have sworn to have no more surgery after the last one put me in the condition I`m in. Good luck to you, hope something will alleviate your pain. Clueless
  8. Fibromiester

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    I didn't know anyone else's thumbs hurt! I did have a Carpal Tunnel Release in my right hand done, many moons ago, also. Now for the last 5 or so years, my thumbs hurt so much, I can't open jars or bottles without a rubber-pad thingy, or I ask someone else to open it. Sometimes it hurts to hold the steering wheel! And >BUMP< it on something????? OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH !!!!! MAN - What Pain! Sorry- No advice- I will go to bed with a piece of a Lidocain Patch on it, or rub in a warm balm, but I need my hands in the day...I might try that hot paraffin though! Thanks for the tip!
    Misery loves company, huh?
  9. s43

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    to thumb pain,for the last 5months i havehad terrible pain in my thumb i thought i might have dislocated it.When i wake in the morning my thumb feels like it is going to snap and it clicks when i attempt to move it at the bend.It really is a sickening feeling,but then once i keep moving it back and fore the clicking stops although the pain doesnt.Who knows anything goes with this DD.sharon