Thump, thump, thump (me banging my head on a wall)

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  1. chloe_s_mom

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    I am so very disappointed and frustrated. My GP closed his practice last week, moving to a new province. Since it was unknown if a replacement would be found, I called around to several clinics to find a GP.

    Yesterday, I had a meet and greet with one of those GPs. I had my two young daughters with me (also looking for a new GP) and the doctor began inputting the patient history forms. She started off by asking, What's FM? (I had written it, I think, as FM/CFS/ME), so that made me a bit concerned.

    Later I was asked to explain the accident, and I said that I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, crossing the street, hit and thrown by a car. No broken bones, baby is fine. She then asked, well, if you broke nothing, why do you still have pain?

    Then, she looked at my list of current meds and stopped. Said, I can't prescribe Butrans (an opiate) or Ultram. I asked, is it a clinic policy or a personal preference? She said, personal preference, that she was too uncomfortable with those medications.

    I almost fell over in shock. And am so very disappointed. I'm on a waiting list for a pain clinic, but that could be 24 months away. Pain clinics are too busy, and have pushed pain patients back to GPs, though often with some guidance.

    I meet my GP's replacement next week, but she too is a recent grad and may not feel 'comfortable' in prescribing my pain medications. Essentially, if she refuses, I'll be allowed to go into withdrawal (albeit, with Butrans, it should be relatively mild).

    I'm so frustrated bec I refused pain medication treatment for years, YEARS!, as I was originally pregnant, then nursing, then pregnant again, then caring for babies (afraid of being dopey and dropping a baby or something horrible). Finally agreed after years of trying everything else, and I'll most likely be dropped. Incredible.

    My mum was furious - pointed out, what about my 'comfort'? I'm not taking these meds bec I think that this is fun.

    Sorry for the rant, just a reminder to all of the difficulties that we face in getting some treatment/care :(
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    This sounds like a nightmare. I hope and pray your doc's replacement has knowledge of our illnesses and will prescribe pain meds for you. Some of the new docs coming out of med school are actually more knowledgable than most. I hope yours is.

    Love, Mikie
  3. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    Thanks Mikie - a friend suggested that I contact one of the pain clinics to see if a doctor will bridge the gap, in terms of prescriptions. I had been turned down from the main pain clinic in town, bec they are short-staffed and only taking cancer-pain patients.

    In a lot of ways, I feel that my GP may be the right person to help me manage not only the chronic pain from the accident, but also FM, so you're right, some of the new docs might be more knowledgeable and I have my fingers crossed for this other GP (though, the GP that I saw yesterday was also a rookie, which led to her personal decision to not prescribe certain meds!!!).
  4. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    Yeah, it has been a long road for pain for me too, 7 yrs from the accident, luckily, only two for FM though.

    I'm thankful for daycare and school - though it is embarassing to admit that I can't adequately raise my own children. I have had a lot of counselling after the accident re. my parenting abilities (the physical side of parenting, especially), but am not sure that I have completely gotten rid of all guilt.

    Trouble with insurance may threaten daycare for my youngest (3.5 yrs old), and I do hope that I can still find some degree of help, to keep that active, busy little body occupied and happy.

    Today, she was home with me and for the first time, refused to rest when I needed to. I had the joy of lying in bed with her fussing around me (she was trying to dress me up as a princess), which was sweet but kind of disruptive. Especially when the tiara is made for a child's head, not my big old head :)

    Interesting about asprin - I'm a fan of ibuprofen, can't tolerate acetomenophen (sp??). But since I chew pills (am going for a scope tomorrow to investigate an esophegeal stricture), my mouth often burns with aspirin :(

    I ice a lot too, and did several expensive prolotherapy treatments for the SI joint problems.

    Thanks so much for responding!
  5. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    it is incredible, isn't it, the number of opinions in the medical field. As if these conditions weren't difficult enough as it is, to meet medical professionals who don't even believe is demoralizing and exhausting. I think that I could have waged a better campaign prior to FM.

    Thank goodness for the internet and for forums like Prohealth - being able to share information is so very important.

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