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    Everyone is welcome to join us!

    8:00pm Pacific - 11:00pm Eastern

    Sorry, forgot the middle :)

    Let's all join in and storm heaven together with our prayers.
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    I pray for God's love and mercy to find us all. To walk with us through pain, darkness, fear, and doubt.

    For us to accept we are loved and cherished by the dear Lord, at all times and forever. He will never leave our side. Even at times when we despair the most.

    Please dear Lord, be with all of us and our loved ones, no matter what troubles our hearts. Help us to feel joyous when it seems there is none to be found.

    Love and watch over all of these beautiful children of yours, God. In your name I pray. Amen


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    Your prayer touched my heart deeply! I prayed along with your words very slowly, and was able to sink deeply into their heartfelt requests.

    A beautiful prayer.
    Love, Judy
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    Thank you for that beautiful prayer kim!

    May the Lord Bless you and keep you.
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    You both are so kind. I am glad you appreciated my prayer. It came pouring from my heart...

    God Bless,