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    [I like that little fellow that pops up and down at the side of the post.]

    This morning I had such wonderful news from my 'other' Worship group. [I won't mention the name again - I don't want to be banned - from here - again!]

    The wonderful new is that I think they will help fill in the empty time slots on this 24 hour Prayer Chain.

    I also told them if times overlap - that is OK - as then [as happened yesterday to me - I missed my time by 45 min!!] the time is still covered.

    I too am so excited about this all. I told my other group - the only prayer that came to mind when I saw their positive post was: GOD IS GREAT - GOD IS GOOD - AND WE THANK HIM FOR HIS FOOD - AMEN --- His 'FOOD" comes in differnt forms. Soft Hugs to all, Marian
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    I thank you so much for what your doing. I e-mailed you the times that still need covering just a little while ago. I am so excited watching God who perfects everything as He moves in peoples lives and is filling up the slots. I am even more excited about what we are about to see happen. The Holy Spirit is already working and we are seeing that evidenced. I am praying that God will make his supernatural power seen, and by this many will come to know him, and be healed and delivered. Praise God.
    Just let me know, when you know something. Hugs to you
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    I am working on the other open slots.