Thursday Prayer Night .... Anyone Have a Prayer Request ?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by PrayerWarrior316, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. PrayerWarrior316

    PrayerWarrior316 New Member

    With tonight being Prayer Night, If anyone has any Prayer Requests please feel free to post them here.

    My Prayer Request tonight is for my husband (John) and for myself. We have had alot of health problems lately. Please pray for the Lord to lay his healing hands upon us.

    Thank You all so much for your prayers, As always I will certainly be praying for everyone on the Board.


    Many Blessings to all, Judy
  2. PrayerWarrior316

    PrayerWarrior316 New Member

    I will certainly be praying for all of your prayer requests.

    Thank You all so much for your prayers for my husband and for myself.

    Many Blessings to all of you, Judy
  3. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    Please pray that my son Christopher will get place in a very good drug rehap and will have Godly friends. pray he never goes to jail, he has severe mental conditions

    Please pray for my son Bradley who is suffering from tourett syndrome and is depressed and made fun of.

    Please pray for my husband Ray who had back surgery and has to work in a factory that is very hard labor and very hot in the building, he works 12 hr days for little money and needs another job.

    Please pray for my parents, they desperately need to sell there house. they have severe heart conditions and my father is very abusive to my mother

    there is more but my left arm is getting numb and I am depressing myself, lol

    thank you Lord that you answer our prayers, we stand firm in agreement with one anothers prayer needs.
    we give you praise and Glory and ask that your will, will be done and that tonight you will our prayer and Jesus's name we pray.
    thank you Lord
  4. J-in-Ohio

    J-in-Ohio New Member

    Please pray that my Soc Sec Disability will be approved quickly without a lot of hassle (I know that's a lot to ask, lol) or that God will lead me soon to some medicine or therapy to relieve the awful CFS.

    Also, would you pray that God will guide my brother to figure out what to do with his life before he goes off the deep end.

    Thank you, God, for accepting all our prayers and may Your will be done.
  5. socialworkgeny

    socialworkgeny New Member

    i have to get numerous procedures done tomorrow (flex sigmoidoscopy/endoscopy/etc). but i am "sick as a dog" tonight w/nausea, vomiting as i am trying to follow the instructions they want u to follow the day before.

    i am just having major physical concerns one of which are killer migraines about 2xs a week and i have no insurance so i cannot afford to add another medication to my very expensive meds now. the samples are not working and i am just so tired of being in pain.

    i have fm/cfs/etc mainly after being hit by a drunk driver 2 1/2 years ago. it has been he- and i am waiting on my settlement. i am VERY dissatisfied w/my lawyer b/c i don't feel he is working as hard as he should be considering he gets 26% of what i get. his firm is holding my check from the drunk drivers insurance co saying they cannot give it to me until they get the check from my underinsured motorists coverage. i say that is bull, think they are letting that other check gain interest but i don't really know what to do. i have been in constant prayer about the situation but now its time for some action. just pray that i am lead in the right direction to appropriately handle this lawyer.

    just so many prayer needs, only 29 and going through all this!
  6. moxiepup

    moxiepup New Member

    is for my sweet sweet husband who has been battling Bladder Cancer for 2.5 yrs. now., we are blessed that it hasn't broken through the wall as yet.

    How he goes through these treatments without a word of complaint I just don't know.

    So tonight I'm asking for some storming on his behalf, thank you one and all.

    P.S. While were at it one small one for myself couldn't hurt, thanks
  7. Noz

    Noz New Member

    Please pray for my sons girlfriend who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer(age 18), please pray that we will be allowed to see Harvey, my grandson, his mommy wont let me or his daddy see him & please pray that god will keep guiding me in the right direction, thank-you.
    I will say a BIG prayer for you all tonight.
  8. jill5050

    jill5050 New Member

    Please pray for me. I am getting a heart procedure done on Monday. It's a catheter procedure to fix a congenital heart defect. My husband just told me that he won't be able to be there with me, so I hope my mom will make it here in time to be with me. I'm feeling a little alone right now.

    I know I will feel stronger later today as I regroup my strength with Jesus. I just need a little time for the news from my husband to sink in.

    Love to all,