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    Thx everyone for your concern and your prayers. Elliespad I did read all your posts on your thyroid. I'am glad you are doing better now and hope you keep getting better everyday. I'am not worried about the cancer the one thing I worry about is my blood pressure,I'am a natural born worry wart and I'am afraid it will go up between now and the 11th,just keep trying to keep busy and with trying to get ready for xmas and shopping with our daughter should help a lot. The ladies in my prayer group and in our church are very helpful and supportive they call to check on me and offer help and prayers so that is good too. Our neighbors are great they also check on me plus my next door neighbor is a nurse,now how lucky can you get,unless you had a dr. for a neighbor. I will keep in touch or get our daughter to let everyone know what is going on with me. She went today and had an ultrasound done on her pelvic area and they found a cyst on one ovary. She has been having problems for the past few months but with no insurance kept putting it off until the pain got to bad. She will see her dr. on the 12th so guess we will find out more then and hope and pray for the best. Gee I will be glad when this year is over and maybe next year will be better at least health wise for all of us. Good night and I will keep everyone in my prayers and thoughts. Biddy