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    Hi all: Thxs everyone for your prayers and thoughts. I will go on Thursday a.m. for biopsy on thyroid and then back to see the dr. on the 29th and he will let me know what he has decided to do and if it is cancer or not. They told me that now a days this is the better cancer to have,sounds bad when you say it but all they are saying is that it doesn't spread and no chemo or radiation treatments. I have been on Synthroid for 28 years. I also told my hubby I could go alone but he worries and cares a lot about me sometimes to much,he is very protective. He already has a trip to get him home tomorrow. I'am very lucky having him,he is very helpful around the house and very understanding with all my health issues. I'am having trouble with my right shoulder,had a shot last Monday so it is starting to feel better but got a black and blue mark on my bicep and it is going the whole way around my arm. My neighbor looked at it,she is a nurse and she thinks I hit it but I don't remember. I do that pretty often bump myself and get black and blue marks and don't remember doing it. Guess the mind is going too. I will let everyone know how things go and again thkx to everyone. This is a very special group of people and a very kind board. Hope we get a thyroid board going,I'am sure other people have problems with theirs too. Take care all and enjoy your week. Biddy
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    I've had radiation treatments with my thyroid cancer. It is INTERNAL radiation, not external radiation.

    Yes, I also have been told by doctors that the "best" internal cancer to have is thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer has its own protocol for treatment. It isn't a generic chemotherapy. It doesn't spread quickly throughout the body the way that some other cancers do.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope yours comes back benign.