Thyroid and Really Disturbed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sansofpa, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    I had my first vsit with a Rheumatologist on Monday.

    Appears like it's going to be love/hate relationship.

    He did a very complete physical and of course caused severe
    pain from poking my tender points.

    When he examined my neck, he found a rather prominant
    lump and could not believe my other doctors or the radiologists
    who read my CT Scans and MRI's didn't know it was there.
    He actually raised his voice when he asked me if my other
    doctors EVER examined my neck in the this is my

    I went for a Thyroid Scan yesterday, but they decided not to do a scan
    because the Scan and MRI's that were done was erroneously read,
    so they did an Ultrasound. It showed 3 Thyroid nodules, 1 cm each.
    The Ultrasound Tech said these should have been observed by
    the Radiologists . . I went to the same facility for this US, as I did
    for the CT Scan and MRI. Both of these tests included my neck and

    My last TSH test was 2.89 which I believe is in the normal range.

    The Ultrasound Tech is assuming I'll need a biopsy. My follow-up
    appointment isn't until August 7th, so I'll wait until then, or wait
    for a call about the US results if the doctor has the need to call
    me sooner.

    Two of my co-workers recently had Thyroid nodules biopsied and
    they said I will not be able to handle the pain. They are without
    any illnesses and could barely handle the pain. One is a woman
    who said she cried terribly through out the biopsy and ended up
    having her Thyroid removed. The other is a 30 year old guy
    who said his results were inconclusive and he's refusing another
    biopsy due to the pain caused by the first one.

    I'll wait and see what the Ultrasound report says as well as my
    doctor, but I'm seriously disturbed by this.

  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    No sense getting worried about it. I have two friends who underwent the biopsy. One has FM the other lupus. I also know a l6 year old who had to have thyroid removed because of cancer. My friend who has lupus told me her SIL has been ungoing successful radiation of stage 4 on thyroid. There seems to be an epidemic of thyroid troubles.......wonder why????

    My opinion is all the toxic chemicals in everything we consume and breathe.
  3. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Funny you should say that . . I was exposed to major mold and
    had difficulties from it about 2 years ago.

    The Rheuma mentioned that the paper we use has very bad chemicals that cause reactions, but I didn't ask him to elaborate . .
    at that point, he hadn't felt the lump in my neck, however, he seems to be on the ball about things like this.

    He mentioned the paper because I had a clear bubble-like rash
    on my left thumb that itched and it wasn't poison.

    Always something to ponder . .

  4. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    I was hoping you'd jump in.

    I remember on one of these blogs, you said to me, "when it isn't your
    Thyroid, it's your Thyroid" . . how true you are, but at the time I
    couldn't make sense of what you were telling me . . LOL

    My TSH was done with my annual employment routine physical/bloodwork a few months back and the T's were not, and I don't have a clue as to what they are, but I'll do my research since you are mentioning it.

    I'm not sure if the doc will want me to get bloodwork, or a biopsy, or
    just a take a wait and see approach. I don't know even know if I have
    Thyroid symptoms.

    He asked me lots of questions about hormones and menapause. I
    couldn't take them. That was almost 20 years ago.

    I didn't realize my TSH was high normal because the report indicated
    it was in the normal range. I don't look beyond that and my FP doc
    said nothing, did nothing about any of my issues, and that's reason
    for me to change FP's. I found one that I know I will like. I need to
    call on Monday to see if she's taking new patients. I did my homework,
    asked the medical community and private citizen's about her, and
    actually found two people I know who go to her . . a nice little surprise.
    I really want someone to see my "whole picture" and not 7 docs
    who don't consult with each other.

    I'm having a good day today, but as usual, getting a bit fatigued and
    wouldn't you know it . . it usually happens between 2 and 3 and it's
    2:15 . . Why must this happen on good days???? Now, I'll need to
    lay down, and most likely fall asleep.

    I did some online reading about Thyroids because I know nothing
    about them. I did find some articles about Armour and one in
    particular clearly stated that doctors should be in tune with it;
    apparently they are not, and it's very effective. Do you need an
    Rx for it?

  5. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    I think it's possible, maybe . . to have all these symptoms
    and attribute them to FMS, Vitamin D deficiency and my
    Thyroid... from what you've said about my Thyroid symptoms.

    I can live with that even if it's not the whole truth, just yet.

    You mention Iodine . . I came accross that while reading articles
    on Thyroid issues. I am prepared to discuss this with the
    doctor, but I'm not going to do anything until he gives me a dx
    and his intentions.

    I believe the write-up from the radiologist will give him the information
    he needs to make a preliminary decision . . but, I want my TSH
    repeated and those T tests you mentioned. If he will not order them,
    my Gyno will.

    Because I only had one visit with the Rheuma, I really have no
    gut feeling either way as to how he'll handle my Thyroid.. by being
    aggressive or conservative, and whether or not he's open to my
    suggestions and opinions.

    He's brilliant and flys all over the country giving lectures and papers.
    I have a feeling he's not going to be open to my opinion unless it's
    something he's familiar with or has other patients like me who have
    multiple issues needing a resolution....we'll see.

  6. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi Sans,

    I have an idea for you.
    I also have a bunch of thyroid nodules, according to an ultrasound. They're tiny ones. I am waiting to see the endocrinologist to discuss it. But in the meantime, I had a thermogram done of my neck to see what was going on in an unintrusive, painless way.

    Most cancer shows up on a thermogram as an increase in heat radiating from the affected part of the body. Thermograms don't detect the small percentage of cancers that are cool, but those are the slow-growing ones. So it's not definitive, but you can use a thermogram to gage how worried you should be.

    So my thermogram came back looking normal, with everything cool in my thyroid. That combined with the knowledge that most of my type of nodules are benign gives me some ammunition to take into my endo appointment.

    I'm going to ask to just watch it and follow it and see how it does, rather than get a biopsy at this time. I'd be happy to get a thermogram every month if it would make the endo feel better.

    I'm also increasing my Armour thyroid and iodine. My TSH was over 8, so more thyroid support may solve the problem.

    My aunt had an "inconclusive" thyroid nodule, had half her thyroid removed, and it turned out to be benign. So I am wary of over-treatment. I need to keep my thyroid if it's at all possible!

    Best wishes in dealing with this.
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  7. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I forgot to say that if you are interested in getting a thermogram, google American College of Clinical Thermographers. You can find a good thermographer near you. You want someone who is part of this organization, because it means your thermogram will be read by a radiologist with lots of experience in reading and interpreting thermograms.

    I suppose your doctor might not have heard of thermograms and might not respect them, but it might be worth doing for your own peace of mind.

  8. MicheleK

    MicheleK Member

    I have had nodules on my thyroid and have had needle biopsies and they do did not hurt AT ALL! The needles are super thin and the doctors are guided by the ultrasound while doing it. Unless your friend's doctors missed the nodule itself with the needle, I can't imagine why they would have said it was so painful. I did not have that experience and I have had three seperate biopsies over a two years. All turned out well. In time with proper thyroid replacement therapy the nodule shrunk.

    Also many people have thyroid nodules and never know it. They are benign over 90% of the time. But get your's biopsied and don't be afraid of the process.
  9. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Thanks for all the support and responses!

    Last night the Rheumy's office nurse called and said she
    wanted to make sure I got the results of my Thyroid Ultrasound
    before the holiday.

    She said I must find an Endocrinologist on Thursday and
    make an appointment because I'm multinodular.
    She said the Endocrinolgist will examine me and decide from
    that and the written ultrasound report.

    I played stupid and asked if I can just have a follow-up
    visit or another ultrasound in a few months. She said "no
    because their should be no nodules in my neck at all". I
    do realize many people learn of them from being tested
    for something else, but because mine are palpable, felt
    by a doctor, I guess she was obligated to tell me that.

    She also said insurances don't like to pay for referrals
    to Endo's, so I may have to resort to my primary care doc.
    I told her I was extremely unhappy with him, and just
    made a decision on another one I'm going to visit . . I
    didn't make the appointment, yet.

    She was a very nice lady and said she'd make the referral
    for me, if need be. She also said, "you must not be
    feeling too good" . . referring to the results of the ultrasound.
    I'm not feeling too good from FMS, low vitamin D
    tri-level spinal issues and now my Thyroid? Well just take
    me to the stable . . . LOL Let's throw in the Migraines
    and the Tinnitus that's driving me crazy along with every
    thing else . . geez-louise :)

    I requested a written Thyroid ultrasound report, too . .
    but it will probably take a week or so. I had it done last Friday.

    I'm sticking to my plan and your recommendations; meaning
    I want the bloodwork, first and of course an interpretation
    of the ultrasound results.

    The two people who had biopsies in my office . . the gal
    said they made 3 attempts to obtain a sample, and the guy
    said they made 5. He's the one who refuses to have it repeated;
    his results were inconclusive, hers were not and she had
    her Thyroid removed.

    They have serious concerns of my pain threshold with FMS
    and the biopsy.

    I'm still confused and after being on this board I shouldn't be.

    Waking up one day with pain was my FMS and my back issues.
    The other things I have going on I'm assuming are from my
    low Vitamin D and now, my Thyroid.

    Important question: Does FMS have anything to do with
    me (us) getting a plethora of other health problems? It
    is so very hard for me to believe everything is not related
    and my health decided to take nose dive overnight a few
    months back.

    Because you said don't fear the biopsy, I feel much better...
    Thank you!!!!!!

    Happy 4th everyone!

  10. nleer

    nleer Member

    Please make sure they test your T-4, T-3 and Reverse T3 levels. We tend to have normal TSH, but cannot convert T-4 into active T-3. Also I wouldn't listen to everyone else when is comes to testing. If they want to do a fine needle biopsy, do it. I didn't and I never found out what KIND of thyroid problem I have. I usually am in bed now and am very fatigued and in pain. However I do know that when I have to increase my prednisone for my asthma or COPD it throws my thryroid off. So that is what I am trying to work on. I know it is hard dealing with this stuff on your own, but if you can find a good support group and a good doctor one who is open to integrative therapy you will be good. Treating your thyroid correctly is a big thing with Fibro. I wish you well.
  11. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    if you see a regular GNP .. or even a regular Dr sometimes they don't check the other levels.
    I just had mine checked last week and when I called for results on it and other testing I had done.. but the TSH was 1.5 I asked the nurse.. what were the others on it.. She said there was only that one done for the thyroid ?
    So I had to explain to them that they needed to do the other testing..
    B ut she said mine was normal.. or the same as it has been with using the 100 MCG's.

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