Thyroid cancer last December 27th

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    I had my thyroid removed last year. Did not know I had it. Felt great. Only had a cyst and only a 20 percent chance the nodule, not th cyst was cancer. Well, after opening me up they found a sleeper nodule that was 1.7m large. A had a total thyroid removal. Had RAI on Feb 7, 2008 and just had my year scan. Because my cancer was larger that they wanted to see, my endo ran me hyper for the last year. I had to be off my meds for 30 days to bring my body in extreme hypo to scan. The doctor said that my levels of my Throgloben (not sure of spelling) was good and based on the levels, the cancer probably would not return, but that the scan did show something. Not sure what, but that they need to run me hyper and aggitate the thyroid hormone to make whatever is showing up in the scan. Does this make sense to anyone. Perplexed in AZ.
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    Do you have CFIDS/ME?

    Dr. Byron Hyde in Canada has written a paper alerting drs about the fact that he has found thyroid ca. to be 6000 (yes, that's the correct number) times more prevalent in us. of we have chronic EBV.

    I took it to my dr., just had a scan, get results next month.

    The para thyroids should be checked also...

    Best wishes to you. With proper treatment, you should do well.


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