Thyroid Hair Loss

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    Yes, hair loss is a symptom of low thyroid. I have hair loss too from what I believe to be low thyroid.

    I take kelp for iodine, which raises thyroid level, and it works within a couple of days to stop my hair loss.

    I can't take as much kelp as I need to, because iodine is not supposed to be taken with Metformin. I took too much kelp the other day (still a low dose) and had a bad reaction that's taking all week to wear off.

    If your hair loss is from thyroid only, then it will improve when your medicine levels you out.

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    Wow, I'm glad you're controlling your diabetes with diet alone, whew.

    My hub's is under control with no meds just from losing a lot of weight and not overeating.

    No, do not take iodine with your thyroid medicine.

    Let the thyroid medicine do its work. You need to find the right amount of thyroid medicine, by trial and error. It can take some time.

    If you were to add the iodine, it would make you need less thyroid medicine.

    That might be alright to try in the future, if you want to lower your dosage of meds.

    But if the Armour agrees with you, why mess with a good thing?

    Right now, just focus on getting your thyroid medicine level right.

    In other words, don't try two thyroid-enhancing things at the same time. Only try one at a time to begin with.

    I figure that if your hair loss is from low thyroid only, then it will grow back.

    Not sure though, since my very thinned hair is getting thinner recently even on the kelp. So I'm waiting to see what the heck is going on with my hair too.

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    Thyroid is also a main cause for hair loss in many people because of physical and mental conditions of the body of a human being. As in thyroid proper care should be taken to control hair fall along with thyroid.
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    Well thanks.
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    Hi, Rogit,

    You're a doctor. Do you have more info on this?

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    Hello Mike

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    Rogit, we are not allowed to post links here to websites which are selling or advertising products or services. It is against the rules. Is this your website? I was surprised to see it is in India. I thought you said you are in Mexico. In any case, you may want to review the rules of the board. Thank you.

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    Hello Mike, I'm just sharing the information. Yes that's my Indian clinic website link. I have clinic in various countries like Australia, Canada, Africa, USA, Turkey, UK, Russia and many others.
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    I completely agree with my friend Manvi Sharma that thyroid is also one of the cause of hair loss. So if you want to prevent your hairs from damage then get a proper treatment of thyroid and after some time see the results when your thyroid problem will be better then automatically your hair fall problem will also be fine.