thyroid/ hormones all connected to fibro

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    I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid over 10 years ago. Looking back then i wish i had have kept a diary of all my health problems. I do believe i suffered from much more that an underactive thryroid. It has been a tough journey and it took 9 years later for a blinken doctor who wasn't even my family doctor to diagnose fibromyalgia. Unfortunately last july i was immunised against hepatitas and polio just 10 wks before being diagnosed. Boy did i suffer a severe re-lapse. I am only starting to feel a good bit better now after 7 months of hell. I should never have been immunised looking back because i have an auto-immune disease but hey i didn't know that and my doctor went on ahead with my wishes. Any one reading this please never get immunised it just is not worth it. Your body will suffer for months.