Thyroid Illness is Epidemic (Iodine Factor)

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    This AGAIN from Dr. Brownstein....stating Iodine Deficiency being major underlying factor. Also, know that any iodine one has going in their bodies, fluoridated water intake is taking it all out.

    1 day ago ... The United States is facing an epidemic of autoimmune thyroid disease.
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    I don't believe that thyroid disease is epidemic. I think it is a lot of scare mongering by some alternative med people. It is found in 0.8-5% of the world's population. It is estimated that approximately 5% of seniors have undiagnosed thyroid problems. I've also read that if you are going to get thyroid disease, it is more likely to occur when you are younger, rather than older.
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    What would be the purpose of scare mongering? To sell an inexpensive Iodine supp and/or sell an inexpensive thyroid medicine "food".....I believe MANY health issues are very connected to dsyfunctional thyroids....and I've struggled with this issue since 1991 at about age I don't believe it's scare mongering....WHY, there are too many losers with the thyroid issues...
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    PS: I only went 10 LONG YEARS with a conventional MD and not getting HELP with what I believe was sluggish thyroid, but boy could he write the anti depressant was a D.O. MD who put me on Armour no labs, nadda, this MD knew what I needed, not drugs for depression.

    If I only knew more those 10 yrs, but I didn't but I started to TL, it's not scare mongering. There are only about 69 symptoms of HypoT.....and tragically TOO many don't get the help they need.