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    This is a very good site about thyroid Some of the information includes being diagnosed, what tests are needed and how accurate they are, if we need to supplement with iodine, if flouride in drinking water has an effect on the thyroid.

    There is a lot more information however the above questions have frequently shown up on the board.

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    I think you misread the article. Here is a quote about flouride. There are no scientific studies that show flouride is a problem. Ancedotal accounts can be attributed to a lot of things.

    In Levaquin and Cipro you get a more concentrated dose.

    Glad you read the article. Very interesting science based information from the Canadian Endocrinologist Association.

    QUESTION 25:
    Do you have any information on the connection between fluoride and hypothyroidism? In a publication entitled "Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements" by H. Winter Griffith, M.D., it states not to take fluoride if you have underactive thyroid function. I have not heard of this before and am wondering what the implications are.

    Fluoride is a halogen like iodine and is therefore briefly picked up by the thyroid gland, but, unlike iodine, fluoride is not incorporated into thyroid hormone. It does NOT interfere with thyroid function in any way and there is NOT concern about using fluoride even if a person is indeed hypothyroid. This is, of course, particularly true if that patient is taking thyroxine, which is certainly not interfered with by fluoride or any other substance.


    ETA That should be Thyroid Foundation of Canada.

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