thyroid issues with lyme

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    Hello.....daughter has severe thyroid issues from lyme disease. Takes a very high amount of med which does no good. Doctors are trying to lower toxic load to help hypothalmus/thyroid. She can gain twenty pounds in ten days and then loose.
    What is experience with thyroid and lyme from anyone on the board.
    thank you
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    Lyme Disease supresses the entire Hypothalmic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis. This usually results in some degree of thyroid receptor blockage by the time the person is in stage II of Lyme.

    For me, a small amount of Armour Thyroid has helped immensely, though I could not get my body temperature up until I added a supplement of Vit. D3. Lyme makes the body colder, since it does not do well in heat, so getting that temp back up is useful for more than just weight issues.

    Many of us have trouble converting T4 thyroid hormone to T3, which is the form that is used by the body. In those cases, no amount of synthetic T4 will do the job (Synthroid), and the patient needs the complete, natural range of thyroid available in the natural prescription product, Armour Thyroid.

    When the thryoid is out of whack, the adrenals usually are too. Treating thyroid without treating adrenals first, or at least concurrently, can make both the thyroid and adrenals worse, not better. It's like running an engine with no gas in the tank.

    There are many supplements to help the adrenals. The stronger ones cannot be used by anyone with high blood pressure, however. If you only have a conventional doctor, get an 8 am fasting blood cortisol. If it is less than 16, help is needed. Conventional docs usually do not treat at this level, but they are wrong. Google Dr. Poesnecker for an excellent site which explains adrenal fatigue. If you can afford a holistic doctor, have an ASI salivary cortisol test done instead and go from there. The ASI is much more accurate and specific, and can be done at home and put in your mailbox.

    Dr. Rand's web site has an excellent self-test for symptoms of both thyroid and adrenal malfunction, which will help determine if both are in trouble, or just one. See his web site under "Metabolic Scorecard".

    Good luck,
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    I was just put on T3 along with Synthroid. I will know more once I have labs done next week. But yes, I have severe thyroid problems...Hashimoto's along with the CFIDS/Lyme.
  4. lagf

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    Is the doctor working on detox as part of the thyroid issue. She has been up to 600 on med and no benefit.
    Armour worked two years ago, but not today....
    we are taking adrenal supplement and everything....but not working.....
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    I am doing the marshall protocol however, as I figured I had 'something' but no $$ and no insurance to figure out what.

    I was on 3 grains of Armour altho I could never tell that it ever helped, even as they slowly upped it (over the past 24 years).

    About 7 months after starting the MP however, I found I needed to drop my dose... 2 months after that, I had to drop it again, this time to zero. I was getting winded and my heart pounding climbing the stairs. As soon as I dropped the amount, the symptoms quit within 24 hours, altho the 1st time it took me a few days to figure it out.

    Just food for future thought... I do sincerely hope they find a way to control it as I know doing the MP is controversial at best with most doctors and patients.

    all the best,

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    Can you tell me more about the MP that you follow. I have read info on it and discussed with the doctor, who is familiar. Why is it so controversial and what exactly do you take.
    We have dropped her med in anticipation that her system will start to open up and be more far it is not. And weight etc. is a problem.
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    of the limitations on eating foods or supplements with vitamin D in it, and the light restrictions - the latter of which may or may not have to be rigorously followed, seems like they are finding different people can tolerate different amounts of light.

    She would need not only her blood levels of vit D tested but D1,25 which is actually a hormone - high levels of that indicate inflammation in particular. If your doctor is interested in it, that is wonderful! If your daughter decides to do it tho, you and she should read all the preliminary information so you understand it thoroughly and also post her progress at the board.

    There were also several articles printed on it in the CF/FM library here, if you do a search on 'marshall protocol', you should find them... from summer of 2004.

    While my 19 yo son (dx'd with chronic Lyme ) never showed low on thyroid tests and a trial of low dose thyroid did not help him, he had a difficult time with weight, had initially lost 10 very much needed pounds...

    Since he started the abx protocol rx'd by his LLMD 19 months ago, he has gained 20# and looks good, even tho he isn't yet feeling very good. He will not do the MP... if a person is not willing, there is no point obviously as it takes cooperation on their part.

    Hope this helps, you should also read JarJar's posts here and on the CF/FM board as well as the others who are on the MP... I haven't been able to get on with Phase 2 because of trying to get my son better and other difficulties... but at least I haven't gone backwards.

    all the best,

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    I take bio-identical T3/T4 as well as cortisol from a compounding pharmacy. When I started lyme treatment I was unable to tolerate them in adequate doseage to be helping much. First, I had to knock out some of the lyme, and detox.

    Now I am able to tolerate higher, more adequate dosage of the T3/T4 and cortisol, and they are making a difference. (I've been sick 6 years, in treatment 1 year, on the full protocol 6 months.)

    What "high amount of medicine which does no good" is she taking? A thyroid med? How is she reducing her toxic load? What is she eating? Is she able to go walking for exercise?

    There are no easy answers, we are all different and respond somewhat differently to treatment. It takes time, patience, and perserverance.

    I wish you both well.

  9. lagf

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    she was on a 600 mg thyroid that is slow release from a compounding pharmacy
    She cannot get around very well. Have put in a treadmill so she can walk in house a few minutes a day and work up....
    she is doing a series of lazer detox treatments.....for specific materials in her is a long process...
    her eating is healthy and in truth she probably does not eat enough ....
    They tell her she will improve when we can get lyme under control and the toxic load of her body is reduced.
    She has had lyme un diagnosed for eight years we know, and is in her second year treatment. Antibiotics failed so we are doing this type for about ten months.
    I am always interested in what is happening to others. I think you learn from sharing information.
  10. happygranny

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    When you talk about Lyme affecting our thyroid, is it Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism or none of the above.

    I am trying to understand this, but all I have found out so far about me is that with a TSH of .89, I would be closer to Hyper than Hypo.

    There seems to be so much more to it, and I can only understand so much with my Lyme-induced ADD.

    My symptoms of low body temp, hair falling out, irregular heart beats, difficulty in relaxing, hungry all the time, though I have not lost weight, I should have gained weight with what I eat,Dx of Lyme disease and most of those symptoms.

    Anyone got words of advice for me? Does synthroid help with hyper or hypo?

    I have not posted at this board much since my clinical
    Dx of Lyme, but I do come back regularly for information.


  11. lagf

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    You need to work with your doctor. she gained 100 pounds over last eight years with this night mare. she does not eat very much....and her body has trouble detoxing.
    I will tell you that armour is a very good thyroid med.
    Best to you and speak with your doctor. It sounds like you have both sets of symptoms.
  12. karmar

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    I too, was wondering if it causes hypo or hyper thryoid.
    As far as the TSH result goes, .... odd but true! The LOWER the value means hyperthryoid. Likewise, the higher number on a TSH result means hypothryoid. I'm a RN and have had hypothryoid.............taking synthroid for many years. Now with this illness, the numbers have become LOWER puting me into the category of hyper thryoid. Strange but true.
  13. lagf

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    she has a low tsh and failure to convert T4 to T3......
  14. happygranny

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    Thanks for the responses and advice.

    I will definitely talk to my doctor about this in the New Year.

    Lagf, wishing you well with your daughter and search for thyroid information.

    Hope we get more response to your question.