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    Thank you jaminhealth for your reply.I called my family doctor today I have been really irritable today and have had to run to the bathroom several times i know i am not on a very big dose of levothyroxin 25mcg but it has just really throwed me for a loop i did not get to talk to anyone i only got to leave a message with them my doctor is off today!!!! I am really scared because it took me sooooo long to finally get on the armour and now trying to convince him to give me a script for canada is what i am trying to go for. I do not know if anybody else had bad side effects from this levothyroxin but my stomach is sooo bloated and upset i even cut the darn thing in 1/2 and having headache again and having a hard time fuctioning. I feel as if no one understands what we go thru and my fibro is flaring I live in indiana and we have a cold front coming . I am just so miserable. any input is greatful . Please say prayers i will be begging my doctor tommrow. thanks crickett
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    Jaminhealth where do i find the universal drugs tel# or are you talking about the canada telephone no# I talked with my pharmacist and he is willing to give me the armour 60mg and cut it in half or even quarter it for me. I am just so messed up on that little bit of thyroid meds . I am very chemical sensitive so that does not help me either. I am a 100 percent with you on how our thyroid plays a big part of our fibro . I had a thyroglossal duct cycst removed in 1991 and i know it messed my thryoid gland up!!!! from everything i have read on goiters i would sure bet that is what i had and the endcrenologist just called it a cyst back then because they removed a piece of my bone in my throat because the doctor said it would come right back???? hmmmm sure sounds like a goiter to me. plus i was sooooooo darn skinny back then toooo . I never weighed a 100lbs untill i got pregnent and then i said hello 173lbs toxemia
    needless to say my health has gone down since. what i do not understand is how can they say your thyroid numbers are all normal when we have all the symptoms. Lord i just pray he will work with me and not against me . But ever since i have been diagnosed with this disease, its allways anti depressants and nerve pills. And a new physciatrist. When the last one i saw and had finally got a diagnoses of fibromyalgia he told me that he would not wish that on anyone and that i was screwed. So my feelings have changed a great deal on doctors and yes i feel that the doctors have labeled me. My heart breaks that there are very few doctors that belive in us. Thanks for being there.
    just praying for something good my armour back.
    thanks crickett
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    Jaminhealth. I did take less than 60mg of armour. When i was first perscribed armour i was to take 3 15mg in the morning and 2 15 mg in the evening. unfortuneatly i never got to take it the way the perscription was written. I was batteling gallbladder problems that they let me go with for 15months so i was really bad it took 13 doctors and 3 gastro doctors to finally decide that it was my gallbladder and not ibs to save my life. So when i did really start to take them i was dealing with my hormones 2 to try and balance them at the same time. So i just stayed at a very low dose and when i upped it to 30mg thats when i heard about the shortage. So i continued to stay at the lowest dose and anytime they would get some in i would just keep it the same and pray that i would never get to where i am at today. I have never read the stop the thyroid madness book but i had planned on buying it this month since i am on a tight budget. I know my headaches are back full force and i have not had one this bad since 2004 so i know that its either from coming down off the armour and medication change i never felt so druggy either like i do on this levothyroxin. But yal i sure am hoping my doctor will listen to me and will let me take the 60mg h-ll i will even quarter that armour whatever i can to help me at least get back amoung the living. also i red some where that rlc labs makes a formula called hypo support that has 15mcg of t3 per capsule and it says its over the counter. so i might have to check into that 2 have you ever heard of this.
    thanks crickett
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    My FFC doc titrated me up to a slight hyper thyroid condition. Which was 2 grains of Armour, body temp 99.1°F, sweating, nervous, 85 BPM heart rate. So 1.5 grains was my optimal dose.

    I used to be at 95.5°F and life at ~98.6°F is such a blessing. Warm hands and feet.

    I then read: Iodine, Why you need it by David Brownstein MD. I started adding 4 drops/day of Lugol's Iodine. After 3 weeks, I started the hyper thyroid symptoms again and dropped down to 1 grain of Armour.

    I also read that the amino acid (broken down protein) Tyrosine was an important building block for thyroid hormones.

    Lastly the hypothalumus is the true thermostat of the body, the hypothalmus has an affinity for mercury (Andrew Cutler PhD, "No more amalgams"). SO if you have mercury fillings, this may be your root cause.

    Hypothalmus (TRH)-> Pituitary (TSH) -> Thyroid gland (T2, T3, T4)
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    Crickett - RX Pharmacy (800) 323-3873 now has Naturethroid in stock (same stuff as Armour) so your doctor may go for that if you have trouble getting it elsewhere. They are in West Fargo, North Dakota, but have fast free shipping and their prices are good.