Thyroid meds and vitaminswhich one to choose

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by blossom4761, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. blossom4761

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    Hi all,
    I went to my rheuma doc today....and still cant get an answer to this one.....WHY cant I take my vitamins when I am on thyroid meds (Armour Thyroid)? I was taking my vitamins for a few years, saw the rheuma doc in Oct 2005, started me on some thyroid meds, and I noticed that I couldnt deal with the vitamins and the thyroid pills together, meaning no matter what time of the day I took the vitamins, it just seemed it wasnt the same since starting the thyroid stuff. Well, long story short, why the heck didnt the doc inform me that I wouldnt be able to take vitamins when on thyroid? Ugh! And what is the logic and SCIENTIFIC reasoning behind the problem with taking vitamins when on thyroid pills? I just dont get it. The thyroid pills help to a small extent, and I deal with the side effects, but I miss my vitamins and have tried to no avail to include them in my daily ritual, only to get a rebound effect. I am pretty sensitive to most things, and I have to really start out small in doses. Has anyone else had the same issue about taking thyroid pills and having to give up the vitamins? What in the thyroid pills cause the rejection or side effects when you try to take your vitamins? I mean, cant I have the best of both worlds? Maybe I am asking too much. BTW, I am due for major surgery in 3 weeks (total hysterctomy) and cant wait to see what kind of mess I will be then. Hope any of you can help me with this vitamins versus thyroid stuff. Too young to give up at 45.
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    Something in the vitamins is giving your thyroid an extra boost maybe? What is the vitamin you're taking? If you can't list the ingredients, what's the brand name, I can probably look them up.

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    Hi Karen, thanks for asking. Well, I am presently taking 15 mg of armour thryoid. The vitamins that I used to take religously until about Jan. 2006 was this.....Half of a 50 mg B-complex, 500 mg vit c., 400 IU of vit. E, 50mg zinc, (used to take them with breakfast in morning).Well, then the thryoid pill comes along (first levothyroxine, then cytomel, now armour thyroid) and lo and behold I was having problems, the doc says its the vitamins and I was mad. Well, all I take now is a calcium (600 mg), magnesium(300-500 mg), zinc(50mg) seperately at nite. Helps a little bit. I also take elavil(60 mg) at nite as well as ibuprofen, of course, not all at once. Elavil first, hour later cal/mag/zinc, then hour later ibuprofen (1600mg). If I had known that trying to find something that may be helpful for this FM, I would have reconsidered taking thyroid so I didnt have to give up vitamins. I am presently trying to find other things, and have heard of malic acid, but my BIGGEST question would be when is best time to take certain things due to their side effects or their true purpose....this is always so confusing. And I dont have a bazillion hours/days to tweak things, cuz I have to function at work to pay the bills. Thanks for listening, and I hope you may find something for me. If there is scientific logic, then lay it on me, I am Spock's twin sister, LOL.

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