Thyroid Nodules & Deficiencies

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    A person on a thryoid group I'm a member of brought this up she has some nodules and the doc dismissed them as nothing, he says her thyroid function is good.

    I had some nodules back in 2005 and never did anything
    about it....and in 2005 I didn't have a clue about Vit D
    deficiency....since then in 2006, I found out how deficient I
    was and brought my levels to where they need to be....

    Hence, maybe the nodules are gone....don't know and I don't look for trouble.

    I got to thinking about this and the date of my ultrasound in 2005, and I didn't realize it but I was Vit D in late 2006 I had labs done and found how Vit D deficient I
    was. This is good info on nodules and what causes them, Vit D deficiency is mentioned...have you had your D levels checked: ... id-nodules

    Thinking about this and it could be since I' am up with my D levels, the nodules may be

    gone or reduced or or or.....I haven't gone back for checking as I feel fine.

    Also mentioned in the link is Iodine and Selenium deficiency, which I take both.

    Interesting info....