Thyroid Nodules

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    I recently found out I have thyroid nodules. I've been having problems w/my throat, so I saw an ENT. Sore throat for 6+months, swollen glands off & on, difficulty swallowing even liquids. Often when I try to drink water I end up coughing becaue it feels like its going down the wrong way. Also it affects my voice, I get a horse voice, laryngitis sound quite often.

    So my PCP sent me to an ENT, I had a MRI, that showed thyroid nodules, he sent me for an ultrasound. Had that on Monday, havent heard anything yet & today's his surgery day, so I am just a wreck with anticipation. So that means I probably won't hear from him until Monday - aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!My rheumy sent me to a GI doc to have an endoscopy. Had that yesterday, he said my esophagus is OK, but I have gastritis. He thinks I should talk to my neuro about swallowing prob & have brain scan, thinks it might be neuro related - aaaarrrrgggghhh! So now I am sooooo confused! My migraines have been horrendous lately anyway. I'm not really due to see the neuro til Oct. I am seeing my PCP next week to help me sort through everything and make sense of all of this because I am so overwhelmed.

    So I really wanted to know if anyone else has thyroid nodules? If so what is the next step? Endocrinologist & needle biopsy? That's what I'm anticipating according to what I've read.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I had adniod nodules.The biopsy I had was fairly uninvasive.
    Not sure in Thyroid.

    I do have The swallowing difficulties you mentioned. I have been DX w/ Glossopharyngeal Neuro made the DX.
    I have used Carbotal(sp?) as well as tried Neurontin.I have basically adjusted eating habits as Med never *fixed*it,I did not feel the Benefits Outweighed the Meds Side effects.

    Hope this is helpful,my ENT refered me to NEURO,after endoscopy.

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    They did a test with the nuclear medicine to determine if they were cancerous or not. They refer to them as either hot spots or cold spots, now I can't remember which ones are the OK ones and which are not. They said mine were not cancerous. I have had problems with my thyroid for years. First of all, I had 2/3 of my thyroid removed in 1991 because I had a malignant tumor on it. They left me 1/3 of my thyroid with no thyroid medication. They said that 1/3 of your thyroid should be enough. Then I had a MRI of my neck and the radiologist noticed that my thyroid was enlarged. All along I have had the symptoms of thyroid problems but my tests are always within the normal range, at the bottom or normal. Try not to worry about the nodules, the way my doctor explained it was that it was rather common to have them.

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    Hi Patti
    I just wanted to tell you that I had this when I was 30 years old. First the Dr didn't think anything serious was going on. I went on Vacation, then got a cold, so it was pretty much dragged out. Eventually I had surgery and when they opened up it was a very fast growing malignant cancer. I had my whole Thyroid removed and I am doing just fine 30 years later. I take Synthroid every day and it seems to work.
    Don't get too upset, wait until you know more. They told me it is the easiest cancer to cure. I was very afraid because I had just had a Baby and I thought I was going to die.
    I wish you good luck it will be OK
    Hugs Helga