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  1. bettydroop

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    Anyone taking t3t4 thyroid feel hot and sweaty like you cant take the heat?

    Also my last two cycles have been really heavy flow , longer than usual, and terrible cramps.

    I started these approx. 6 weeks ago- I just wanna know if this happened to others and will (hopefully) go away -of course.

    Please comment if you can- Thank you.

  2. pemaw54

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    Cant help you with your period problems.( I went into menapause at 40) Ive had hypothyroid for about 8 yrs. I get the hot hot hot flashes all during the day and most of the night. Sometimes have to get up to change my gown. I can no longer stand the heat whether its from a heater or from the sun. I now run my AC in the car all yr long. I freeze my poor hubby out!

  3. Juloo

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    I forget exactly when I started. My cycles since then have been normal length, and about average -- even perhaps a little lighter than usual. No cramping, but I don't normally have problems with that.

    Oops, forgot -- re:the heat. I *always* been like that. the only time I've gotten relief is when I went on antidepressants. But the relief is not exactly in the form I'd want. Instead of not getting overheated and miserable, I sweat buckets to cool off. So, sort of a little better, but not aesthetically!
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  4. skierchik

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    When my doctor gave me Cytomel (t3) (I already take T4), I got my period which was a good thing because I wasn't getting them regularly. I feel better when I get them. This is one way your body cleanses.

    It seemed to last too long though, and I feel strongly that it was the T3. I can't take very much at all of it, only a spec now. My doc had me taking 5 mcg two times a day. Holy cow, I was jittery, nervous, hot, couldn't sleep, etc. Most people it seems can only take a spec of it. I cut mine into many pieces and I don't take it everyday. Have you checked out It's great for us "hypos"

    My ? is, are you on magnesium? This is a must for CFS/FM patients and will help immensely with pain, and period cramps. I take Mag. and I don't get any cramps any more. I take about 800-1000mg of Chelated Magnesium everyday. Start with 400mg and work up slowly.

  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    If you take the non-hormone kind like I do, there is no risk of side effects. but you have 2 choices w/ the natural route, there are also lypholized glands that have the naturally occurring hormones intact.

  6. elsa

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    Been on T3 treatment since October. No problems with hot flashes, not standing the heat or period problems. In fact my cycle has been like clock work.

    I did have about ... oh, a week or so backk when I was climbing up my T3 dose where I did get "warm". I think it was the start of the third week at 35mcgs .... Didn't last long and not a problem now.

    I attributed it to having been sooo cold for sooo long that I registered normal sweat responses as abnormal. It seems I was on the right track as I haven't had a problem since. I take 100mcgs in the AM and 50mcgs in the early afternoon.

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