Thyroid problem?

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    Hey all,

    I'd like people's input on this.

    Reverse T3: 269
    Free T3: 359

    My doctor is putting me on thyroid meds because the ratio of T3/Reverse T3 is around 1.5, and it should be somewhere in the 3.5 range. Does anyone have any insight about this? Any opinions appreciated.

  2. toronto133

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    I have also been looking into this a bit. It seems that there is some research (articles on this site) that indicate that standard t3, t4 and tsh tests alone don't show if someone is hypothyroid. Apparently the amount of reverse t3 is also an important indicator. I don't know how generally accepted this is but I am guessing this is why the FFC is testing reverse T3 and treating with T3. Never saw any reference to a proper ratio between T3 and reverse T3 though.

    Oddly enough, my test results were similar to yours (t3, t4 and TSH within range and reverse T3 high) yet the doctor said my thyroid is fine. Still curious though, why the reverse T3 test was done.

    Not sure if this helps.

  3. bioman85

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    Actually, the previous doctor at the FFC did not worry about those results, but I just had an appointment with the new doctor, and he wants me to start the thyroid meds.
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    please let me know!
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    Your rT3 should not be greater then 145. The higher it is beyond this number, the less T3 is actually being used by the body producing those wonderful symptoms.

    The same symptoms come up if the actual T3 number is low, which your's is a bit. You want your T3 around 370 so this shows me your body isn't all world converting T4 into useable T3 and it is really bad about taking up the T3 that you do make and making it unavailable for use.

    You did not say what med you would be on but I am going to guess compounded T3. It's worth it in your case and many of your symptoms will be helped by this treatment.

    it takes a while to titrate to your dose but once you get there many aspects of your life will be better.

    I wish I knew what causes this primative overactivated rT3 in us, but it is oh, so common the have high numbers in FMS/CFS patients. This test is expensive so many of us seeing conventional docs will not get diagnosed.

    They can order the standards TSH. total and free T4 and maybe total T3. If the numbers in this group are in range then the docs cannot justify and order free T3 or rT3.

    That's a shame as many of us could be helped on this treatment.

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