Thyroid Problemsd anyone???????

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    In the last year I have been so tired, well then my B12 was checked and now I get shotsd every month but it doesn't seem to help. I went to a naturalpath for an assessment and she told me that I had a very low thyroid and since them over the last 4 months boom I gained about 15 pounds out of the blue, no changes in eating....I don't know. Are there more detailed tests a doctor can do, because the natropath says on docs tests the thyroid usually comes out normal. So I am not sure do I have a problem, could it be contributing to my weight gain, and my fatigue. I have not been on any weight gaining meds, so I don't think that could be it. The only other thing I take /was a colon cleanse but thats it. That is because I am ever lucky if I go (sorry for been so rude), but its true. Drink water, eat fruit....yes yes, and it still doesn't happen. I workout and nothing. Why am I gaining weight??????
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    I have read that people with FM often have thyroid problems-I think low thyroid. Mine was detected through a blood test at my family physician's office. I have been on thyroid for a couple of years now. I was hopeful I would take off some weight and gain some energy, but no luck. I later got the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, so that would explain my low energy. I would request to have the blood test done to just find out for sure if you have low thyroid or not. I am assuming that you have FM, so that would account for the low energy level. I went to a conference in Cincinnati in March, and one of the physicians there said that people with FM often are overweight-he said 35 pounds. That fits me. I do exercise, but it doesn't help me. I am thinking that maybe some people's weight gain is due to the fact that we have little energy for the things we have to do let alone exercise.

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    I`m not too good with advice on thyroid, but the other problem i`m an expert.

    Suffered all my life with this. Till last year, when I would have a bloated stomach each time I ate white bread or pasta.
    I cut these out for several months and re-introduced wholemeal bread at only one mealtime each day. Still never touch pasta though.

    I make my own museli for breakfast, I love nuts, dried fruit, ginger, dates, figs, banana chips, - you name it and it gets thrown in, all chopped up of course.

    That`s brekkie taken care of, - I have recently developed a passion for cheese & onion sandwich for lunch (the onion is so good for you) and then a meal with rice or potato for tea.

    I can honestly say I haven`t looked back, from being every few days "or once a week in my husbands case", it`s daily now....

    The only food I have is in natural form, being naturally fiberous you can`t go wrong.

    Love Pat.
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    I have both. Mine started with Graves disease (a severe form of Hyper-thyroidism) so my thyroid had to be destroyed with radiation. Thus, I became hypo-thyroid (slow thyroid) and FMS & CFS within days of thyroid destruction. Weight gain started immediately and has been a fight ever since. It has been 11 years now. Even though my TSH (thyroid profile blood test) shows my thyroid function to be in the normal range, it sure doesn't feel like it, and the doc won't increase my Synthroid & Cytomel to see if it will help. From what I have been reading, since you have a thyroid (it's just slow...I don't have one anymore) the thyroid pills would probably help you. It wouldn't hurt to have the blood tests done, and the pills could stop the unexplained weight gain. I know, yet another doctor appt! I'm sooo tired of doctors!

    Good luck! Brenda :eek:)
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    Hi! This is my first time posting on here, so hello every one! Friendtoo you really should go to a doctor and get your thyroid tested.(It is just a blood test) I have hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, and FM. If you are hypothyroid you can get medication to feel better. I take armour thyroid, it helps me more than synthroid did.
    God Bless!