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  1. Nana2Andromeda

    Nana2Andromeda New Member

    I just found out from the doctor that my Thyroid is low, does that goes with having fibromyalgia?
  2. Nana2Andromeda

    Nana2Andromeda New Member

    I just found out from the doctor that my Thyroid is low, does that goes with having fibromyalgia?
  3. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    It's been discovered that alot of FM sufferers, particularly women, have hypothyroidism. Did you doctor prescribe you synthroid? You'll feel so much better in a couple of months if he did!

    Marilyn :)
  4. clueless

    clueless New Member

    I have had a thyroid problem for years and I`m afraid I never felt a change in how I felt. I keep getting it checked and apparently the dosage I am taking is correct. Maybe it was because the peripheral neuropthy and fibro. were making me feel so miserable that I could`nt feel any improvement. That is the place I am at now,my pain meds. are not helping as they should any more and am in constant pain. We spend our winters in Florida and am wondering if I am really able to make the trip this year.Oh! these wonderful golden retirement years!!!!! Oh! well, one thing for sure I have a lot of company with these diseases and a lot of people who care for one another, that means so very much!(((hugs to all))))
  5. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    If you're being treated by a GP for your thyroid, then you could very well be "undertreated". GP's don't know all that much about thyoids, and are happy to see you test within "normal" ranges. Normal ranges can be anywhere on a scale of 1-10. I was feeling so lousy for so long that I finally told my GP that I was going to see a thyroid specialist. He tested me and said that even though I tested in normal ranges, I was on the LOW end and wasn't doing well there. He said some people do fine there, everybody is different, but I need to move up on the scale. He increased my dosage of Synthroid and within 2 weeks I felt like a new person. I now have ZERO pain, ZERO fog and ZERO depression. I also have lots of energy and even went out and bought a treadmill. Tomorrow I start my first day at the local fitness club. A year ago, I could barely walk to the mailbox and was in a constant fog. Yes, I have FM, but the undertreated thyroid was making all my symptoms worse. It wonderful to have a clear head once again and to have NO pain! If you're seeing a GP, get to a specialist, an endoctrinologist.....he may just change your life!

    Marilyn :)
  6. kadywill

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    Been on Synthroid for years....never felt any worse when my Thyroid levels were off,'s hard to know what causes what 'cause I have the same pain and fatique and depression and dry skin from everything!
  7. tired42long

    tired42long New Member

    Have been a little Hyperthyroid for about 20 years without medication. When symptoms began in Aug 2000, they pinned it all on that. Had large hard nodule removed with partial thyroidecto my in Dec 2000. felt better for a couple months when "it" hit along with a nasty flu/virus. My levels were all normal for thyroid so they no longer blamed "it" on that. After 6 months or so levels raised to just over normal---doc wasn't even going to treat for this mild hypOthyroid til I pushed the issue, hoping thyroid replacement would help. They put me on lowest dose, so as not to push endocrine syst. back into HYPER mode. As said, the numbers in the "range" do not always correspond to what we NEED, according to some specialists...lots of this I've found in reading CFS and FM books. We may be undertreated...but docs go by the "number"game. Sigh!
  8. dorothy

    dorothy New Member

    I just found out today from the doctor's office that mine is a little high, so they want to start me on Synthroid. I hope this helps, as I have been hurting really bad for quite a while now. I go back in 12 weeks for another lab test to have it checked. Pick up the scrip tonight. Wish me luck. Maybe I'll loose some of these extra pounds too. (whooopi)

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  9. TeresaBnGA

    TeresaBnGA New Member

    My hypothyroidism was diagnosed before my fibro. But I was having symptoms of fibro when I initially went to the doctor. I my personal opinion I think they go hand in hand.

    Soft hugs!
    Teresa :)
  10. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    I found a doctor that was SMART enough to treat my thyroid by how I "felt" and not by what the numbers told him. He told me that those tests are too inaccurate, and I had also read that on some thyroid sites. See an endoc....forget the GPs if you want to see some positive results!!

    Marilyn :)
  11. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    You may wish to read about Dr. Lowe's theory of fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. He believes T3 can help some patients with fibromyaliga and hypothyroidism.
  12. BethM

    BethM New Member

    and where can I find his information? I checked the Library here and found nothing. I go back to my GP soon for lab results, and would love to go there armed with information!

  13. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    Go to and type in'll get TONS of info there! When I approached my GP with info I'd learned online about my thyroid, she just shrugged her shoulders, because she wasn't a specialist. I got smart and headed for an endoc.

    Marilyn :)
  14. Nana2Andromeda

    Nana2Andromeda New Member

    Thanks so much for all your feedback...the doctor who treats me for my fibro specializies in fibromyalgia and fatigue, etc. He is the one who found the Thyroid problem. He has given me Levoxyl, 25 mg.
    I see my Diabetes in the morning so I plan to go over all this with him too.
    I really don't go to a GP doctor...I have a Endocrinology for the Diabetes, a Heart doctor for my Heart ( mitral valve reguritation, from taking the phen-phen) and the doctor who specializies in chronic pain for the FM and CFS. And I see a Ph.D. for my depression.
    There is a heat wave coming thru here, California. I can't wait for fall to get here.