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  1. LadyMT

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    I had read in Dr. Tietlebaum's book that even though thyroid levels appear to be normal, something is still wrong. I had just had a doc appt. so instead of making another one I called and asked if I might try armour thyroid. The nurse called back and said the doc said no, that it wasn't indicated.

    How do you get docs to try new things? Or... do I need a different doc? I really think this might help me.

    I also have an appt with a naturopath. Would she be able to prescribe armour thyroid?


  2. Princessraye

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    I had to change doctor's three times and the third one only prescribed the thyroid medicine because my test was borderline and she could not help me with this exhaustion.
    It's sad to say but she only helped me when after several visits I sat in her office and cried.

    I really do not feel any better on the thyroid but my hair did stop falling out.
    Many people feel much better when they are on thyroid.
    Good luck!
  3. LadyMT

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    And did it help with weight? I gained about 20 pounds on Elavil. I stopped taking it. Does the thyroid med help it come off since one of the syptoms of thyroid is weight gain?

  4. Princessraye

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    When I went on thyroid, I went on the Adkins diet at the same time and lost 45 pounds. I wonder if the thyroid medicine did help some.
  5. pastorw1

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    to lady MT

    dear lady,

    thiroid does not always make you gain weight it made me loose weight. i think it depends on whether it is high or low. if someone else knows maubethey will answer.


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    According to the Montana Medical Association, Montana Law has expanded it's recognition of health care providers to include Naturopaths. However, health care providers who are not physicians, are either limited to the part of the body that is within the scope of their practice or limited in the services they provide. The MMA did mention that some practioners have limited prescriptive authority, though they did not mention which ones, nor did they mention licensing requirements. You may want to check with your state's licensing board, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. For more information you can visit this department at the website, discoveringmontana.

    Good Luck,

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  7. LadyMT

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    My gosh! You are a wealth of information, like a walking encyclopedia. (Or at least a medical one) :) Thanks, I'm looking it up!

  8. decatur

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    think you'll be pleased w/Naturopath treating subclinical thyroid disorder. Hyperthyroid usually weight loss and hypothyroid usually weight gain but hypothyroid w/goiter can leak thyroid as tissue swells from overwork trying to rise to meet the need for more thyroxine then atrophy and only then is it apparent w/o medical evaluation that you are experiencing hypo as opposed to hyper and so many of the same symptoms may be present in both hi and lo- function until it's maddening I know I was absolutely left to swing from the chandelier from the early eighties until '95 then i was made to wait until the TSH showed "profound" hypothyroidism; lost my job, had to use my 401k, because Doc stated I'd be fine in 2-3 wks wouldn't help me get my jobs disability ins so it's 2003 and still I search for the elusive dosage that will turn me from the pumpkin I've become back into someone w/realizable potential for offspring (not! 6 failed pregs later, grad sch, not ! my "operating memory has finally been documented as effected via a neuro psych grad std.. in short i can't retain info drawn from my "hard drive" long enough to apply to what ever is on my "desk top" so to speak. Forgetful hardily describes it !Well, I am pleased w/the grad students work . See I can do something besides complain :)
    SuperQ or someone asked about epilepsy/rape ..Yeah, my doc saw history rape thought I was still symptomatic while on paxil,effexor,trazadone,synthroid 150 mg etc because PTSD because of pts
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    You must see an endocrinologist, they specialize in the thyroid. I saw several GP's before I got sick of it and insisted on a referral to a specialist. He had me straightened out in 2 weeks, even though all my test results always showed me "normal".

    Marilyn :)
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  10. Applyn59

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    I was just investigating thyroid myself. I have always thought I had thyroid problems but my thyroid levels
    (the standard four tests) all came back fine. I have
    just now read that you can still have a thyroid problem
    even if those tests are okay and should have
    thyroid antibody tests done to see how they are.
    Anyone else heard of this?

    Also, I have always thought I had Wilson's disease.
    This is not the copper disease but another one
    that is related to hormone. There is a lot of speculation
    that it doesn't exist and that the dr. is just out for
    money. I don't know what to believe. If you search
    the web for Wilson and Fibro you should find some info.
    All the symptoms are practically the same as FMS.
    All your thyroid tests come back neg. I believe you
    are supposed to take your temp orally to see
    if you have this. There are more instructions on the
    site. I asked my endo about this and he says that
    Wilson's does not exist. THe dr. WILSON, does
    sell books and everything else so it is a little
    suspicious. My former gyn who is a nurse practioner
    said she does believe in it. She is no longer
    in practice (I am so devastated). Anyway, this is probably more than you bargained for. Just thought
    I would throw my two cents in.
  11. decatur

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    try reading dr bruce rinds website: (edited to remove URL) dr Ahrem's thyroid solution book ..I believe it's ahrem ridda or the other way around - loaned my book out . Dr rind (sounds like grin) treated me for a time but i lost my insurance

    Tell what you think of both these guys.
  12. denigrif

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    I found two doctors here in RI who were able to support me in this because my T3 comes up low and was actually off the page at one time. The theory is that stresses can cause the thyroid to malfunction and T3 can get it back on track. Some people have actually been able to take if for a short time and be fine after that. Yes, there is a book which I found very informative and was me written all over it. My TSH was always ok. I took Liothyronine (a time-release T3) and that brought my temperature up throughout the day and reduced a small uncomfortable goiter I had, and I slowly felt more energy I think because I was warmer. I wasn't sick as often either. I also had to be on an anti-depressant to keep my stress level down (not to upset the process any). But, the thing is you have to take it on time twice a day because minutes off would throw the cycle right off and you would have to restart your program again. Many times I have thrown the cycle off and all the symptoms came right back, sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant.

    For some reason, the Liothyromine wasn't working as good as in the beginning for me so I am now taking Cytomel which is the same medicine but not a time release. I take it twice a day, but for some reason I am feeling coldness again. Well, I did lose my job from being out 2 weeks with an illnes. And, I also went off of Celexa 6 months ago, which probably started the stress going again.

    I wish I didn't have to take drugs at all, but I have found it is good to take a break if possible. I like to feel my feelings, but when they start really taking over and I become really in that slump again, I know its time to do it again and try a different one if possible.
    I take many herbs and supplements and they are very very helpful, but, sadly, I am finding I need consistancy and everything I try doesn't cut it.

    But, I would say to find a doctor who is willing to go with and experiment with the homework you have done on the subject. Present it all to them, and if they send you on your merry way, you don't want them for your doctor anyway.

    I have gone to 2 endocrinologists. Both told me I was crazy with the Wilsons idea and that I did not need to be on the Cytomel. These were endocrinologists for God's sake! So, I choose to go with my primarys who have done their research on the subject.

  13. yama

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    Hi Debbie,
    yes the book you read is right TFT (thyroid fuction tests) are often wrong, they are generalised guidelines for the population, but what is right for the rest of the population may NOT be right for you. in my late 20's I went to a doctor because my left eye seemed to be more prominent than my right, he said to me if my eye was protruding like that it must have always been like that, I said NO I think I would have noticed doctor it was NOT always like that. To cut a long story short I went to another doc who after listening to my story then looked at my neck and said you are developing a goiter, did blood tests which showed I had Graves disease a hyperactive thyroid that affects you eyes too, but normally both. I had a thyroidectomy after years of taking medication. Initially I felt ok but after a few years started feeling very tired at this point was put on antidepressants as my thyroid fuction tests were showing within normal range, BIG mistake, after a couple of years feeling terrible on prozac I finally seen a doctor who told me aout the guidelines and agreed I was not depressed but could be my thyroid, she referred me back to an endocrinologist, yes It was my thyroid, it had been left so long it was causinng some thing called hyperprolactenmia which was causing the severe headaches I was suffering and there was talk of them having to operate after an MRI scan on my brain, they started the thyroxine treatment immediatley also medication for hyperprolactinmia (not sure if correct spelling not having a great day) The operation was avoided and I am still on thyroxine. As far as I am aware there are 2 tests for thyroid T3 and T4 the T3 is used very often but for some reason the T4 is not?? As far as I am led to believe it is the T4 test that will let you know if armour would be of benefit to you. I was wondering Debbie do you suspect your thyroid to be underactive or overactive as both can cause fatigue hyper because you burn yourself out (well the body clock does). I have taken medication for both hyper and hypoactive thyroid and only time I put weight on for a while was when my thyroid was not being treated. Being on the thyroinxe I am still very slim in fact I am to thin. Push to see an endocrinologist and yes in my experience some of them still go by the *guidelines* Make them listen and let them know they are guidelines and you are aware of it but what if you are not one of the people who fit into that *box* as I was.
    I am from UK perhaps some of the tests and treatments are named differantly where you live.
    I hope my experiance will help you Debbie,

    Warmest wishes,