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    sherry; your information on thyroid was very informative and helpful; i had been on levoxyl same dose for about 5 yrs. tsh always came back o.k. so i didnt seek out an endo dr. (since i had moved) recently i have been feeling really tired and achey. tsh tests all came back normal. so i found an endo and he immediately took me off of the levoxyl. saying that he never never prescribes generic drugs for thyroid problems. so he prescribed synthroid, but the same dosage as the levoxyl. my next appt. he will test my blood. but i will tell him to do the t3 test as well . i am anxious to see what he will say, as he is also old. thank you sherry for your message. [email address removed as per rules]
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    I have been known to add my own FREE T3 to mine and my kids lab skips.