Thyroid Supplement?

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    Just got some blood results back and my TSH levels have plummeted.

    I'd rather not go on RX - are there natural supplement alternatives?

    Anyone have good results (more energy, etc) with either supplements or Rx meds?

    Thank you,

  2. gb66

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    I just started trying to take thyroid medication. I'm having side effects from synthroid and trying to get the doctor to prescribe armour thyroid.

    I already notice a difference when I take it (synthroid). I don't feel as much fatigue and my mood is elevated. I really know I need it but just can't bear the side effects of this med.

    What was your TSH, if you don't mind posting it. Mine was almost 6 and my free t4 is 107. I have hypothyroid. Is that what you have?

    Sorry you've had so much trouble. I also have CFS/FM, OA,IBS, MCS, Diabetes 2, and some other stuff. Hope we both can find some good thyroid relief. GB66
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    I had thyroid testing done a while ago and my TSH levels were just barely in the normal range, so they were a VERY low normal. I take iodine for my thyroid because most people are deficient and I found out that weak adrenals were causing my thyroid issues.

    It is VERY common for weak adrenals to cause thyroid problems. The adrenals and the thyroid work in tandem through the HPA-(hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis). When one is off, it often throws all of them off!

    That's why so many people don't get the relief they need from thyroid hormones such as T3 and T4. Good supplements for weak adrenals are licorice root, Isocort, and adrenal glandular. I can't begin to tell you how much these have helped me!

    Best of luck -- Jim