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    My dr. claims my Tyroid test are always normal.But some how I just don't feel like it is. maybe I am just grabbing at straws but is it possible that maybe I need just a small dose of medication for this anyway.I really hate to go in there and ask him for Tyroid meds.Or to tell him what to do but I am about at the end of my rope.Between the fatigue and the pain I am about to go nuts. I think I am sinking in quicksand and no one cares.It is consuming me.
    I would welcome any and all comment on this subject.
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    I went through this with my MD and she said the same thing...."normal", but I knew something wasn't right, so I researched it on the net, learned how inaccurate those tests actually are, plus how unknowlegeable GP's are in that area, and then insisted she refer me to a specialist, an endocrinologist. Lo and behold, when he tested me, my tests came back normal, but I was on the "LOW" end of normal and he said not everyone does well there. I was already taking 150 mg of Synthroid, so he upped it to 175. In a little over two weeks I was like a new person. No fatigue, no fog, no pain, no depression, and I had energy to burn! Insist on an endoc and don't take no from your GP.

    Marilyn :)
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