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    Does anyone know the thyroid levels that we should have? I saw something about levels and T-3, T-4, now I can't find it. I wanted to give it to my Dr.

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    I would like to keep up with this post so that I will know as well. Take care.
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    Hi Madwolf, It's really generous of you to share your time and knowledge with us! Can you please advise if your post re thyroid in FMS also pertains to CFS?

    I only have CFS and have long suspected my thyroid was drastically out of whack, even though the endocrinologist I saw said my levels were fine. Out of the blue I gained over 30 lbs in just 3 months. Which was an additional 25% of my body weight! I was on NO meds, I had not changed my diet/exercise, nothing. No reason for it. I'd really appreciate your opinion.

    Bliss out
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    Givebliss, check your adrenal gland too. Ask your Dr. about the Great Smokies Laboratories test. IT is a 24 hr saliva test that your Dr. gives you, but you do at home. As for thyroid, Armour Thyroid did away with mose of my fatigue, except for afternoon crashes, which showed up on the adrenal test.
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    I am printing your answer to take to my new doctor....very succinct!
    I have a question for you....
    My latest Adrenal Stress Index test (saliva) was within normal range.
    My last 8 am serum cortisol was 18. My 24 hr. urine cortisol was normal. (These were done awhile ago)
    I've been on Armour for 21 days and still have the increase in energy that I had at first. In fact, I have had to cut all the way back to 30 mgs. due to signs of too much.
    All of the above make it seem that I am one of the rare ones who does not need Cortef.
    However, my standing systolic blood pressure is 22 pts. lower than laying down, and my head often pounds so hard when I stand up that I can't hear!
    And, I often cannot do things in stressful situations that I can do easily at home where I am not stressed. Many times, I can't even walk up a short flight of stairs when at a nosiy mall, for example, while I can easily do 35 mins. on a treadmill when at home.
    Do you think I should push for a trial of Cortef, based on my low stress tolerance and my drop in BP, despite the test results?
    Thanks!!! Klutzo

    I am going to re-type this as it's own post as I really want an answer. Sorry to horn in on your post!
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    Hey Madwolf,

    I don't usually post for medical advice, but it's getting really funky for me lately particularly with grad school coming in the fall.

    So what sort of practioner wouldn't be adverse to treating both my adrenals and thyroid with your prescribed protocol?

    I've been dxed with adrenal insufficiency, but used homeopathic stuff (made no headway) and need something to try and support my energy in the meantime. I'm waiting on a Florinef order but I'm thinking that probably won't cut it.

    I've been told you need to treat both adrenals and thyroid if you have an adrenal problem though. Like Bliss I had gained weight real quick with no real reason apparent. Overall it's been about 60lbs and I can't seem to get it off no matter what.

    sorry if I'm hijacking :D
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    A holistic M. D. or D.O. in most states is what you need. In the few states where Naturopaths are licensed, you can go to one of them also (Washington, Oregon or Connecticutt).
    Look in your yellow pages under "holistic". If nobody is there, you can go to the website for Great Smokies Laboratory and send them an e-mail requesting names and numbers of doctors in your area who deal with them. Be sure to give them your zip code, and ask them to include a wider area if you are willing to travel. Any doc who is using Great Smokies lab will have a holistic orientation.
  8. givebliss

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    I'm not sure where you are, but I live in Canada, so I don't know if my doctor would know about the Great Smokies Lab test, as suggested by mystijul.

    Would this be the kind of info I could expect my GP to work with, or should I try another endocrinologist, or another specialist?

    I think I've seen posts here from Americans about going to labs and requesting specific testing, however here in Canada we're not able to do that without a doctor's referral. Thanks.

    Bliss on.
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  9. Antenbunny

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    Isn't there different tyroid tests to take as well. Iv'e heard that one is better then the other, or that what the Dr. thinks is normal is not for us?
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