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    Well I am here to WARN all the caregivers to please take time for yourself and care about yourself too. I have been stressing so bad about my husbands illness for a year now. On friday I woke up and was blind in my left eye.I thought it was from the cataract surgery I had last year and the doctor said That a film would come over my eye again and I would need a laser touch up for it.I was afraid and called the eye doctor and they saw me later that day. Well come to find out I might have had a TIA in my sleep.A small piece of cholesterol or a small clot went through the main artery of my eye and thank god it passed and did not stick. My vision is good now.But I am still so scared. All next week I will be having tests to find out why this happened but it is possible stress has caused all of this.And the main thing I have been told is remain calm...HA HA!!! So now I have ten different whammies hitting me all at once.Not only my husbands illness but now all this...Calgon take me away! Stop earth I want to get off.Please god save me!I dont want to do this anymore!!!
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    You have had a little (big) warning with your TIA - must have been really scary for you.
    Yep, we have to look after ourselves, so we can look after others.
    Bonnie take care.
    I think 'we' should give our hubbies 'puppy dog looks'.....see what happens!! :):):)
    I know what would happen.
    We would be giving each other "puppy dog looks", kind of like chasing your tail really.
    I think what we carers are looking for is some balance in the caring ratio within our relationships.
    It will come.
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    i am not a care giver now but was for a long time before my huband died.i let my own health go so i could be with him.so you have my sincer symathy.i know what you are going thru .mable
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    Well I have had the tests and they were all perfect and no one knows where this little clot came from..my heart is good and the arteries in my neck are free and clear.I do have a little high cholesterol tho. I agree that We do tend to ignore ourselves while taking care of our loved ones. I gave up many doctor appointments just so my husband Ray could go see the doctors he needed to. Every specialist costs 35 dollars a crack to go see even with our insurance and since my husband has limited work hours now we just cant afford it to both go.So I let him go most of the time.I am paying more attention to myself now and trying to quit smoking...I am doing good and proud of myself..I was a 2 pack a dayer sometimes 2 and 1/2 now I am down to 1/2 pack or less a day and almost ready to quit.I am using the most powerful help I could find to help me...God.
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    Congrads on you trying to quit smoking..Your doing really well..I too smoke, & it's so damn hard to cut back or quit, especially when under a lot of stress..I used to smoke almost 2pks a day, and then about 3yrs ago, I quit smoking in the house, I made myself go outside - boy that really cut back, esp., in the cold...I still smoke, was smoking almost a pk. a day up until about 2 weeks ago, got bronchitis, dr. said you really have to atleast try to quit, I'm down under a half pack now, but when the stress gets really bad, I still go for that cig...I have the stress because my mother who lived with my family & me for almost 5yrs after dad's death took ill...She is now in a skilled nursing facility, but I'm always on the run..She has been diagnosed with short term memory loss and dementia/alzheimers..
    Glad to hear your tests came back OK...Hope you can continue to loose the cigs...Best of Luck!!
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    I had three of those that have left some residual damage. But I will have no more because i found out the contibuting factors. From my tests at http://www.HEMEX.com I found ou the genetic factors that contributed to this condition. From http://www.MDLab.com I found out that I was positive for Mycoplasma fermentans which had caused a slight infection for 15 years that was also one of the underlying causes of my thick blood. Then I found out from Duke that I should throw away my HRT pills as estrogen also csaused thick blood. HRT is only beneficial for the first three to four years and then it becomes a risk factor in strokes. My lack of AntiThrombin III in my blood caused thickening,plus the estrogen, plus the infection in my immune system caused the three strokes in me. Now my WBC is normal, my AntiThrombin III is normal and I believe that Mycoplasma fermentans has been killed so my immune system is back normal.
    Now I want to find a doctor in southern VA who is willing to treat me with long term antibiotics for tha Mycoplasma fermentans IF it should return.