Tick Bite!

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    Found a tick last night around 2am! Could of been there since 9pm do I need meds.
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    Go to this paper by lyme expert Dr Burrascano.....page 19..Treatment Categories.....look at part about Tick Bites.....


    So, I would get antibiotics for a minimum of 4 weeks. Take this paper with you to the Dr to show them, because they will tell you this is not necessary.

    If you develop symptoms such as a rash, or sore throat, pain etc...you have lyme. there is a symptom list on page 9-11.

    Read through this entire paper. Ticks also carry alot of other infections. They can transmit many illnesses to the same person.

    You should not take this lightly or you could end up like me....chronic lyme for 21 years that Dr's could not recognize and called it "Fibromyalgia". I had to figure it out on my own.

    Also, if you still have the tick, save it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Take pictures of your bite site, close up but with your face and a dated newspaper in the photos.

    Do the same thing if you get any rashes. Write everything down with dates so you will remember what happened and when.

    Sounds crazy, but 99% of Dr's do not understand Lyme and you may need all this info later.

    If you need more info, come back and post again.

    Guidelines from the organization to which the real Lyme experts belong.....

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    Nanie gave you excellent advice. Are you in an endemic area? IF YES -- go to the doc ASAP especially if you show ANY symptoms.

    A good list is found on Canlyme as well as some good pictures. The rash can look different on different parts of the body. Some will say it's not big enough. There's no clear Bulls-eye. Also, docs can look at it and say it's a spider bite or ringworm. In fact there's a dermatology website with an EM Lyme rash listed as a spider bite.

    I run a self help patient support group. I talk to a lot of people about LD every day. The only people that I know that are not sick are those that were lucky enough to get agressive treatment at the first sign of symptoms. By aggressive, I mean IV therapy within 30 days of the tick bite or EM rash. This small group of people have NO antibodies to Lyme now and NO symptoms.

    The IDSA guidelines are written in favor of Doxycycline. I have to wonder why? Does it just control symptoms but not actually kill spirochetes? Seems to me that lots of people who took it right way went on to develop LD. Far too many need an Abx on a daily basis just to control symptoms and feel normal.

    Because my illness was not diagnosed right away, I turned into one big cash cow for the medical profession. I suspect the IDSA guidelines were written to create zillions more cash cows like me.

    I feel like I'm part of one big science experiment without my consent. Sometimes I wonder did I get infected just so they can do longitudinal population studies... how many of those infected will get any of the "alphabet soup" diseases: RLS, MS? ALS? FM? ME/CFS? ADD? Autism? SLE? Alzeheimers? the list goes on and on.....

    It's too scary to contemplate many of the outcomes of a Lyme infection:


    Get a copy of the "Healing Lyme" book by Stephen Harrod Buhner for the herbal protocol. There are some things you can do now. Someone else had a tick bite so I posted Dr Buhner's
    regimen here on this board. Scroll back to find it as there are not that many posts unlike the other main board.

    The best book on LD is "The Baker's Dozen & the Lunatic Fringe: Has Junk Science Shifted the Lyme Paradigm" by PJ Langhoff.

    Good luck!