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  1. Honora88

    Honora88 Member

    I have just received a ticket to work letter. Can anyone add any personal insight?

    I will read the website as well but it is hard to read through.
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  2. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Sorry where do you live and I have never heard that?
    Wonder also
  3. Iam1ShadyLady

    Iam1ShadyLady New Member

    He is going through Vocational Rehabilitation. So far they have paid his bill for trucking school. Now he is going through all DOT's red tape but should be able to go to work in the next two weeks.

    The way they explained it to him is that you get to keep your cash benefits for 9 months and if your income falls below a certain amount per month and you get to where you cannot work they will expedite your benefits back to you and nothing changes.

    You can keep your medicare for up to four and a half years.

    You have 36 months in which you can have your benefits expedited back to you.

    This is in Tennessee, I don't know if it's the same for all states.

    I do know that you have to assign your ticket to work to a service that will help you get and maintain a job.

    Hope this helps.


  4. zoey2006

    zoey2006 New Member

    Will it look bad if you don't take advantage of it? Is it mandatory? I still am not well enough to work.
  5. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    in WA state at least it is madatory.
  6. Honora88

    Honora88 Member

    It is not mandatory and I am from Boston. Ps. How much did trucking school cost? I am just wondering how much they would be putting out for education
  7. alangan1

    alangan1 New Member

    When i got my SSDI, I thought cool, now I can just go work a nice part time job for about 10-15 hours a week and make alittle extra money and not lose my benefits. After over a year of being on SSDI, I have realized I dont even feel well enough to do that yet, it is funny how we make our little plans and then cant execute a thing. I am really scared of working at all too, just in case....if in the event of future hearings it is held againse me. I really wish I werent scared like that. is anybody else on SSDI and working part time?
  8. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    after reading it I thought to myself man they are really anxious to get me back to worK after just paying me one check!Did they think I or any of us would fight for years to get disability just to lose it back to them. Like we are all healthy now! Those ss people drive me nuts. If I could work I wouldnt have filed in the first place. My work energy/time is very limited few chores around house and flower bed.(and the flower bed is full of weeds right now not to pretty),taking care my family when i can.thats all i have in me. I through my letter in the trash. To me they are just wasting more time,money and paperwork sending those out.
  9. labrat

    labrat New Member

    I am writing in response to alangan1's question about working part time on SSDI. This is my experience working on SSDI and it was POSITIVE.

    After I was disabled for about a yr from CFS, I felt well enough to try working about 3 hrs every other day. I worked part time for a year and notified SSD about my work. This didn't trigger a review. I was also signed up for the ticket to work to help me find employment in my field.

    The state vocational rehab office where I took my ticket to work paid travel costs for me to drive to out of town interviews on two occassions. They also offered vocational testing to see what jobs I would be best at and interested in. I already had a bachelor's degree, so didn't need retraining or want it.

    After a yr of working part time, I worked full time for the Trial work period and SSDI benefits continued during those 9mos and the following 3mos. Then I went off SSDI due to earning SGA.

    I was not able to continue working full time for health reasons and resigned from that job. I notified SSD and had to fill out a short work history form and my SSDI benefits were restarted due to earning under SGA ($940/mo). After the trial work period, you get 36mos where benefits can be restarted if you make under SGA and are still disabled by SSA rules.

    I was surprised that the claims rep worked to restart my benefits so quickly. She even had me send in my last month's pay stubs to see if I could get benefits for that month. She said that I had been keeping them updated well on my work by sending them monthly pay records. I really think this helped in getting benefits restarted easily. I didn't have a review before benefits were restarted and that was over a year ago.

    Now I am working part time and receiving SSDI. So you see not all cases of working part time on SSDI are negative.
  10. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    I probably will use the trial work period. Mine will be a little different because I'm going to be an independent contractor.

    I think it's all pretty confusing.
  11. Iam1ShadyLady

    Iam1ShadyLady New Member

    It cost $1100. And they paid some other expenses too. It is not mandantory but it is there for people who want to try to go back to work. Hubby has drawn for 8 years and now that I can't work he wants to try. He has always supported me so I have to let him. He has Crohn's disease and a leg amputation but he wants to try. I am worried to death about it but I feel better knowing we have a little safety net in case he gets sick again.

  12. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    Go to your own state's web page and search ticket to work. You may have to dig a little deep in their site, but you should find something.

    Ticket to work is a federal program and it actually is supposed to help people on disability.

    But chances are the workers think it is a punishment and use it as such when talking to us 'hypochondriacs' and 'welfare users'.

    So you have to be your own advocate. Read all you can on the program and be well informed.

    Good Luck - Lillie

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