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    Not sure if you saw my post to you on GB66's thread about Lyme testing, so reposting it to you here:


    Excuse me, it was "Health Canada" that refused to release the info on reliability of the Western Blot, This must be the Canadian Health federal department? It's been a while since I'd read this...

    here is part of it, rest at:


    (sorry I don't know how to do tiny urls)


    Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation:
    Feds Say "No" to Access to Information Request on
    Serious Health Matter; National Security Cited

    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 20, 2008) -

    The federal government denies Access to Information request. They say it is a matter of "national security", so Canadians have no right to records that measure the ability of our national medical laboratory to detect the fastest growing animal to human disease in the northern hemisphere...

    The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation decided they must find out how well our federal medical laboratory in Winnipeg does at detecting Lyme disease in humans....

    Fully certified, proficiency tested and accredited laboratories in the U.S. have been finding that several thousand Canadians are actually positive for lyme disease after a negative Canadian test.

    Many of these Canadians had been given diagnoses ranging from multiple sclerosis, mental illness, to chronic fatigue syndrome.

    The successful outcome of lyme disease treatment demands early diagnosis, so the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation sought to find out why Canadian lab tests in so many instances are negative followed by a positive U.S. test.

    These patients only then get the treatment they need. The proof is in the pudding, they do remarkably well in recovery after having been left sick for years in many instances.

    Proficiency testing of laboratories measuring their ability to detect specific disease is required in most jurisdictions for laboratories to retain certification. The U.S. labs are proficiency tested and have excellent results.

    We expect similar results from our federal labs but we will never know if a small group of people who hold the lives of Canadians in their hands has their way.

    If denying our request because of "national security" sounds absurd to you, it did to us as well. Something is going on.

    One provincial access to information request revealed minutes of a meeting involving provincial medical authorities and our federal laboratory representatives who discuss hundreds of unique cases of lyme disease in only a three year period in that province.

    Officially, in that same three year period, the reported number of cases was zero.


    At any rate, I don't know if anything has changed since then? I haven't read anything that it has, tho I sure hope so.

    CanLyme www.canlyme.com/ is a great resource for both Canada & US, since they report on all the latest research plus the latest in politics both in Canada & US.

    all the best,

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    Thanks, Victoria. I don't see how releasing this information could possibly be considered a matter of "national security". Sounds absolutely absurd doesn't it!
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    These are the types of things that give rise to conspiracy theories, unfortunately. A Canadian friend feels it's just because Canada doesn't want to pay for treatment and/or get into the controversy over 'chronic' vs 'autoimmune', similar to what's going on here with insurance companies. Very sad in both cases.

    All the best,

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