Tigger point releases Wamps, Nanjee, Hayleycole,everyone else

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  1. Redwillow

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    Hi Wamps my Aussie buddy! Nanjee, Hayleycole and all you TPR pros!

    As usual I have questions questions questions! LOL

    I went to the web site that Nanjee suggested with all the trigger point stuff. My first reaction was instant overwhelming panic! I do that a lot with anything new. I mean talk about big words! I am a follow the picture kinda person too! LOL

    So anyway I get the impression that we just poke around all over our bodies to find all the ouchie places and then take a tennis ball or a massager and start gently rubbing.... Am I getting this right?

    I read a similar site about this one time. It said that you were to put a tennis ball on the floor and rub you back or hips or whatever over the sore spots! Well to be honest I guess I over did because it hurt so bad and the next day I could hardly walk. I felt like I had bruises all over my body.

    So I want to make sure I don't over do this time.

    I wasn't sure Nanjee if you knew some of the points for Costo? My chest is so tight right now that I feel like I can barely breathe. Are there points that will release this stuff??

    hugs Redwillow
  2. Redwillow

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    Thanks everyone for the replies. I have been looking at the sites that Nanjee suggested and I see the second one has stretches too! Maybe I could try some of those in the hot tub when my muscles are warm and relaxed.

    My husband and I trade back massages, though he has been working so much lately he hasn't felt like it. Maybe that is why my back is so locked up.

    He sits in his chair while we watch tv and I sit on the floor in front of him. He rubs my neck and upper back and a lot of times I can really feel my muscles relax and my breathing get easier.

    When he is finished with my neck I sit a little bit ahead of his chair and he uses his feet on my lower back. It is kind of hard to describe but he alternately pushes with his feet on either side of my spine all the way down to my hips and up my back on either sides of my spine.

    This feels fabulous and I often hear popping and cracking as my back releases! sometimes if my back is really tight it hurts but it feels much better afterwards.

    I guess I need him to start rubbing my back again!

    Hubby also loves to have his back rubbed and also his feet. He spents a lot of time on his feet at work and if I rub his feet you will hear his toes crack and then he will sigh!

    So I think we are working some of the trigger points already but the ones in my chest wall I have been afraid to touch. Maybe I should slowly try to work these spots too perhaps with a little bit of Ben Gay like Hailey said. I am finding I am increasingly stiff and bending is becoming very difficult!

    hugs Redwillow
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    this will sound dumb but when you do the pressuer points... do they like burst or does blood flow or poison from them inside your body? where does the stuff go? or is there' stuff""
    i told you it sounded dumb...:)
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    My favorite trigger point therapy book is called "Winners' Guide to Pain Relief by Hal Blatman, MD. To find where to purchase the book, just google Hal Blatman, MD.

    I like it because it is a small, easy to use, maps the trigger point areas, shows where to do the tennis ball massage for the particular area you're working, and shows the stretches you should do after the massage. It's even small enough to pack easily into your suitcase (along with your tennis ball) if you are traveling. The sketches are great (the trigger points have mean little faces!)

    It hasn't healed me or anything, but is has loosened me up every now and then.
    Best of luck...
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    Thanks Mimi

    for making that suggestion. I will add it to my list of books that I want to order or to borrow to read.

    The list is quite long but that is ok, I like reading new things.

    The trigger points have mean faces! too funny! Just think my body is covered with invisible mean faces all making me miserable. Sorry I have a weird imagination! lol

    hugs Redwillow

  6. happycanuk

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    Hi Redwillow.

    Those trigger points hurt sooo much. For the chest, make sure you go all the way down the sternum. There are tons of hotspots in there. Just find them and hold the pressure on for a bit - until you can feel it easing.

    You might want to get yourself a Theracane. I have something similar to that and it is great at reaching all those spots on the back, and then you direct the amount of pressure you put on it. Just do a seach under Theracane and read about it if you haven't already seen it. The tennis ball is good, but way to much pressure on some of these points. I also go to a massage therapist who works on them for me. Those muscles are literally knotted!!!

    Also there is Dr. Ho. It is a little electronic device that works kind of like a Tens machine, but the signals are different. I have had one of those for years and it is great.

    Hope you feel better, because these are just nasty!