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    I found that you read my prayer to God in the Thursday night prayers section and then in a completely different thread entitled your post "2 cat..i am with you for your prayer for the our nation..but"

    Tiggy, I posted my prayer not as a commentary piece or to have it brought up elsewhere. It was my prayer about hope and ideals to God. My prayers are here not for use for anyone to dispute or oppose or be part of other's personal threads. I would appreciate if you removed the heading from your post, because as I now read the thread, I do not want my prayer to be mentioned as part of that thread.

    I came here to worship, as you so invited many to do, and not to be involved in the post in which you mentioned my prayer. My prayer was never intended for that post or should be brought up in that post. My prayer is solely intended to be prayed upon just like the others there. Thank you.