tightness that spreads around body???

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  1. boscosmom

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    does anyone have tightening that spreads around....face, neck back (to where i want to bend over or lay flat), throat, limbs...the limbs will almost feel wooden???

    then i will get a feeling of weakness all over but, i'm not really weak.

    then more pain.

    then heaviness

    please if anyone has this...i would appreciate your reply.

    ty, sc
  2. TXPeach

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    I was just reading some of your other posts, and you and I have the same symptoms. I know how you feel.

    Sometimes it is so hard to describe until you read other's descriptions of the pain and crazy symptoms, but the minute I read your posts I could relate to what you are feeling.

    Every time I get a new symptom it really scares me. That is when I come here for help and advice and to make sure I am not the only one feeling the way I do.

    This is an amazing support group. I wish you all my best and hope you get the answers you are looking for.

    I hope you feel better soon.
    God bless,
  3. mindyandy420

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    I must say we sound alike in alot of ways...from muscle twitches to tightness....
    Yes I feel tightness sometimes too...my face, my legs (mainly knees down) it feels like I'm wearing tight socks. Ya know the stocking glove feeling. I dont have alot of pain. Dont get me wrong there are times where I just ache all over and hurt to the touch.
  4. boscosmom

    boscosmom New Member

    but, can mfps which yes, mayo clinic dxed me with that too, i just forget about that one...sooo many syndromes...i just feel like there has to be a cause to all of this, cause symptoms worse on one side????
    i have it all over but, worse on left.
    ty, sc
  5. momof27

    momof27 New Member

    I feel unmoveable sometimes right now its bad its this crazy dd no one can understand it till it happens to them

    my throat scares me, sometimes I feel as if my body is eating its self.

    my limbs get to the point I could lift them if I just did it but it is the feeling of being traped in my body and it is wooden

    I think some times it is because I don't want the "pain" but then other times I think I don't move them because it is to "exhusting" to move them I think its a brain thing
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