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    Hi Tigs....Thank you so much for all the good wishes you sent my way while I was sick. I guess I had a reaction to the Methadone I was taking for about two months. Can't be sure if it was an allergic reaction or a reaction between two medications.

    I was way out there though...couldn't remember the day or month, who was president and my mom had to explain what everyday items were and how to use them. My pain level was through the roof....just a light touch on the hand made me scream.

    Really there was not much that I remember of those few days...I just remember being OK then lying on the dogs bed...and my husband trying to get me dressed to go to the hospital.

    The whole thing was so scary...after the fact I realized I could have died had it not been for my daughter and my husband.

    But....I am feeling better now, well as better as I can with the FM...lol!

    I'm going to watch some TV now...ttyl!

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    love you too!! I know Jesus loves me....and I was scared of the Methadone but so wanted to feel less pain.

    Give me a list to try...but, Are they expensive??

    What happened in the garden I felt so content there.

    Sweet Dreams Tigs....thanks for being my friend and caring about me!

    Love ,