Tilt Table did me in!! Day 3, still feeling lousy

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  1. teach6

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    I had my tilt table test this morning and at the rate I'm going I may be recovering all week long. I did OK on the test, didn't faint, but my BP dropped and when I became nauseous the doc stopped the test. He said that while I technically didn't fail the test, it was because of the meds I'm taking, in his opinion. I just hope this satisfies SS and the state retirement system.

    I've had two naps each for at least two hours since noon. Everytime I get up all I want to do is go back to bed. I'm definitely going to record all this in my symptom journal so I can relate to it later if given the opportunity.

    This is exactly what I was concerned about from the beginning, my reaction after the test. I had thought the test would be worse, but it was done at my best time of day. If it had been done in late afternoon I probably would have failed it.

    I plan to lay low for as long as it takes for me to be back to what's normal for me.

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  2. Yawning

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    I'm glad you went through with the test. I've read elsewhere that it can be a good barometer of the degree of our illness.

    I was attempting to explain to someone just today what this test entails, and then realized that I actually wasn't sure. Would you mind enlightening me as to how the tilt table test is performed? Is it as basic as it sounds (i.e. you're on a table and it tilts??)? :)

  3. teach6

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    After hooking you up to wires and a BP monitor you are put on a table that has a flat place at the foot for your feet to rest on when they tilt you up. They also had a pillow behind my head. Then they tilt you up until you faint, or in my case show signs of it's affecting you. They monitor the BP and heart rate every minute and record it. You also have an IV in in case they need to give you something quickly.

    That was it, other than having to walk all over the hospital, which didn't help my already low energy.

  4. 1maqt

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    Sorry You feel worse. I took a stress test, but instesd of using a tread mill they do it via medicines.

    They give you one to speed up your heart, one to slow it down, one injection of Radio Active Isotopes, and I con't remember the fourth, however, it make me sick for weeks.

    (Plese forgive my spelling, I am dyslexic on the typewriter, and it is a source of irritation to me. I use to be a Travel Consultant, and now I would be fortunate to find my way onto an airplane.

    Hope you feel better soon{{HUGS}}..........1maqt
  5. teach6

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    I'm doing a bit better today. Am about to take my first, and probably only, nap of the day!

  6. nancyneptune

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    Hey 1maqt, you crack me up. N
  7. teach6

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    I do hope so too. My retirement attorney called me back today and we scheduled an appointment for next Thursday to get to work on this. By then I hope we have a lot of the necessary information. The state will only release their hired gun's report to my doc and they based their denial wholly on his report.

    I left a message at my doc's office yesterday, but for some reason they put it through to his new nurse instead of him, even though I asked for him. It is highly unusual that I didn't get a response yesterday and I haven't even heard anything today. So I am calling again tomorrow and will not take the nurse's line as an option!

  8. epicurean

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    sorry you had such a bad time with your test.hope your back to yourself soon,and all this is over with soon and your retirement comes through!!
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  9. griswoldgirl

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    I am sick with bronchitis and sinus infection that will not quit since Thanksgiving.

    I never heard of this test as related to our disease?? I do know that when you tilt anyone the BP goes down-they do this with pregnant women with hypertention all the time to lower their bp and also put them on their left sides.

    I always thought it was normal for our Bp to drop when turned upside down.

  10. teach6

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    A tilt table test is used to dx problems like NMH or POTS. The table does not turn you upside down. It stands you almost upright. In most people the BP automatically adjusts itself, but with dysautonomia it doesn't happen. The blood pools in the extremities and the BP continues to go down.

    I take three meds for this plus potassium supplements, in very large doses, due to depletion caused by one of the meds. I also wear compresion hose almost all the time. In addition I have a little collapsible footrest that I keep in my purse and use whenever I am seated to keep my knees above my hips, which helps counteract the problem.

  11. teach6

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    I woke up with a headache and despite taking Ultram, 2 Aleve, and having a massage, it's still with me. I'm also still feeling really wiped out.

    My doc called and said the result was positive, which was what I was looking for!!! He also said something about a 24 hour urine test, but that must be part of the message his new nurse neglected to call back and tell me about. Hard to replace the old one, we all loved her and they were a great team.

    So, tomorrow I'll call and leave a message for the doc himself, no matter what the receptionist tries to tell me. I've left them for the nurse twice this week and he hasn't called either time. Grrrr.