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    My doctor prescribed a tilt table test. It is something to do with blood pressure.

    Has anyone had one of these.

    Does anyone have high blood pressure and have it affect their fibro?

    Thanks, Lillie
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    During a tilt table test, you are strapped to a table and then tilted at an angle so it is like you are standing up. You are strapped to the table so that if you pass out you won't fall over or get hurt. They monitor your heart rate and blood pressure during the tilt. Sometimes they give you a medication through an IV as part of the test.

    It is done to see if you have abnormal blood pressure or heart rate variations during standing or conditions like NMH or POTS (neurally mediated hypotension or postural tachycardia syndrome) that are common in FM/CFS patients. If you have these problems, they can recommend treatments or medications for the condition.

    I had one when I first got sick. My blood pressure dropped very low and I thought I was going to pass out, but I didn't. So they said the test was basically normal, but my dr said it was delayed onset POTS because my high HR and low BP didn't happen until I had been upright for 15 mins.

    You can also type in tilt test in the search box to find some other posts on this topic.
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    Thanks. I forgot about finding stuff by using the search box.