Tilt Table Testing - Anyone Had It?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerriM, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. TerriM

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    I saw the article on the front page this morning. I have had it suggested that I have a tilt table test. I have severe dizziness and if I get out of bed too fast or try to exercise it gets worse & lasts for hours. I wonder if I could possibly have Neurally Mediated Hypotension? When I was an adolescent I used to stand up and black out and have always had very low blood pressure (90/60 - 100/70) . . . I have also heard that this test is required for social security disability for CFS. Also, just wondering what the test is like when you go through it . . . Thanks! Terri
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    can you please post the article, or tell us the newspaper, so that we can read it too?

    I had all the testing up to the actual tilt table, but just couldn't bring myself to do it at that time. I guess I felt if there wasn't much the doc could do to "fix" my problem, then why go through a difficult, invasive test? I know my blood pressure varies dramatically; I have decided I really could affect how I feel by getting more and better exercise, and that has seemed to help.
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    I meant the top article on the front page of immunesupport today . . .

    What is entailed in the tilt table test . . . I know some people feel faint, but why is it invasive? Terri
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    I had this done a coupleof months ago. It was very physically demaning on me..It showed how much my blood pressure went up when they tilted the table up. They had me hooked up to an EKG machine and took my blood pressure every five minutes or so. I hve a bad back and my back really hurt more than usual for a couple of weeks afer the test. I could never stand in one position for 30 minutes, that's why they strap you in. I'm having my SSI hearing Monday so I guess I'll find out if it helps with SSI.
    Where are you having the test?
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    terrim, I have the same blood pressure you do and I am often dizzy on standing after long periods of sitting. I have never blacked out, however.

    The cardiologist who saw me for a possible tilt table test did the same thing -- took my BP lying down, then sitting up, then standing, and it varied but I can't recall how much -- more than 20 points?

    The reason I didn't do the actual test is the way he does it is to insert a BP monitor into your artery in the groin (much like for an angiogram) as well as using an external BP monitor. He told me some people have a dramatic emotional response to being tilted. Some get very angry; some start crying; others beg for the test to be stopped. He also told me that there was nothing that could be done unless I had one specific condition, which we doubted I had. At the time, my system was so very reactive, I wasn't sure I could deal with the test and wondered what good the information I'd get from it would do for me.

    Now, that is absolutely all I know about it! Let us know if you have it done.
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    I have been treated for Neurally Mediated Hypotension since I first saw my CFS/FM doc because it was my worst symptom at the time. It has imoproved so I can actually sit up without becoming short of breath, but I still have to greatly limit my standing.

    My attorney suggested I get a tilt table test done when my disability retirement was denied based on a bogus report of a psychiatrist hired by the state who claimed I didn't have CFS so I could still teach. The only reason I would have undergone it was for getting my retirement or SSDI. I knew what was wrong and so did my doc. It was simply a matter of having another record to disprove what that psychiatrist had written.

    After having the test done and testing positive it took me between three and four weeks to return to "normal" for me. I was much more fatigued and had to greatly curtail my activities for almost the entire month of January as a result of this test. Even my doc was surprised at how long it affected me. It caused him to look more closely at my treatment for NMH and make some changes.

    I wouldn't recommend that you have this test done unless is is absolutely necessary. Since I've had it I will use it for both my retirement claim and my SSDI appeal.

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    Then I was DX with POTS, have to take beta blocker, take 5 grams salt a day and wear compression hose. Winter is not bad but I'm gonna suffer this summer.

    PS...They should also do a blood volume test on ya.
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    The test is not so bad.It's a hell of a lot easier than a lower G.I.They put u on table put a strap around your lower chest. This is because some people become faint or dizzy during the test.They put a I.V. in your arm this is to give u a shot of synthetic adrenalin about 1/3 though.They also put a Ekg.on to check your heart & Vit. Signs. It will take about 45min's u will most likly become nausesa should not last over 1 hour. It's good ideal to have someone drive u home. I was ok about 2hr's after.By the way if u have N M H. EAT PLENTY of SALT & DRINK 6 to 8 glasses water aDay if that don't work there are R/x's for it.GOOD LUCK FUZZY